Monday, August 25

Camping Trip

I totally stole an idea from Ginger and ran off to go camping. It was a lot of fun, but not what we were expecting. I'll get to that. First, the good stuff:

"That is not crab. I am eating bacon."
For some reason, Honor just wanted to be sure you knew that. She was quite insistent. Heaven forbid, someone should think she deigned to eat crab.

My son is becoming a man. This was awfully hard to watch. He chopped us a LOT of firewood....had to show off his manly skills. I bit my lip a lot. It is so hard not to step in and try to keep him safe. He is reaching that 'separation age', but that's another post.

My stud-muffin struggled to get a fire going all weekend. The ground had a good soaking before we got there, as did all the wood. We didn't bring our own because, well, we were in the woods. Who brings firewood into the woods? We will next time.

Do you see my Merry Men sharp shooting from above?

This pool is so beautiful it takes my breath away every time. It is a spring and is FREEZING cold.

Joel braved it.

Ethan jumped in and quickly jumped out. Over and over and over again.

Sarah mocked them.

Not really, she was just posing for the camera.

She did a lot of posing.

Ethan found a new friend.

Honor even touched it. If you know Honor, you know how extraordinary this is.

And now, it's past my bedtime and I have a butt-load of laundry to go fold. So, I'll have to tell you about the "unexpected" part of our trip later. Sorry for the teaser.

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Mike said...

Do I see Merry Men? Nope. Ewoks.

Chopping firewood, catching critters, diving into icy cold water. You're practically raising the next Bear Grylls.

They should make crab flavored bacon. That would be awesome.

Jennie C. said...

Sarah's legs are so adorably chubby!

Lawanda said...

Oh that pool is BEAUTIFUL!

We camped this weekend too! :)

Adorable pics and commentary ;)

Jenni said...

Looks like a great trip! I can't wait to hear about the rest. But, uh, (whispering) chopping wood in Crocs? I guess if you don't have a family story about how great grandma lost her big toe chopping wood when she was a girl... Okay, okay, she was barefoot...and not supposed to have that axe, but *shudder* What's that? My helicopter blades are too close to your kids? Backing away now:D It does look like a great trip.

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