Monday, August 25

Last night

Honor, the Princess in the Middle up there in the picture, is interested in being just like Mama. She has taken up a sudden interest in cooking and cleaning. I love this.

Unfortunately, I have not taken the time to tutor her well. I get nervous with her flighty fingers near the hot stove. She flutters around the kitchen like a butterfly and my worst-case-scenario anxieties start churning. I shoo her away far too often out of fear of her burning herself.

Last night, she decided to cook her own meal. I knew none of this until this morning when Chris told me. He walked in, to find her taste testing something she had stirred up in a bowl. She gagged and sputtered because her creation was disgusting. Daddy took away her bowl. It was a dirty bowl that she had confiscated from the counter before it was loaded into the dishwasher. She stirred in a little salt, a little sugar, water, and who knows what else. We don't know what was in the bowl originally. I suspect it was the remains of muffin batter. From the day before. Yuck!

Fast forward to last night. Honor came to our bedroom not feeling well. She had diarrhea and then crawled into bed with us, feeling better. I woke up about an hour later to the sound of her throwing up. She was on her back and asleep, throwing up on her chest, neck, hair....and somehow her daddy. I pulled her to the toilet and she made a nice trail on the carpet all the way there. I held her little head and just cried. I felt bad for my baby, truly I did, but Chris could hear me sobbing, "My new bed! Not on my new bed?" I will leave you with no more details on that night, except to point out that we had beans for supper. Black bean soup. Let your imagination fill in the rest.

So, after a bleary, miserable night, Honor woke up with a brilliant smile this morning, her eyes positively sparkling. I asked her how she felt. "Great!" she announced, her voice tinkling like a bell.

"Did you get sick last night?"

"Me? No! Not. one. bit!" and she breezed away to dance her butterfly dance.

Meanwhile, I'm chugging coffee like it's going out of style. And, oy! the laundry.
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Nicole said...

Oh man! I hope your bed cleans up okay. I would've felt the same way. We just got new carpet everywhere and my biggest fear is that someone's going to throw up on it.

Ginger said...

bu-mmer. Hang in there!
btw, your pickle recipe was amazing! They turned out just how I'd been dreaming/hoping, not too sweet, not too sour, just de-lish! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Bless you Jenn. Oh how I do not long for those middle of the night explosions. By the way you didn't catch Chris praying for clean sheets when you returned to bed did you? Tell me if you don't know the story. He was almost 4...I'll share. Love ya MIL

Jessica said...

that, my friend, is truly disgusting. i am not looking forward to that happening at my house.

Jenni said...

Again with the puke inducing posts! Oh you are on a roll! Hey, I've got one for you that ties into the camping post. Ever clean puke out of a 3 man tent currently sleeping 6 people at midnight while holding one of those mini flashlights in your mouth and using only that roll of toilet paper you brought because you can't find your lantern and therefore cannot find anything else and you don't want to wake up the other families in the Scout troop and your husband is not doing a very good job of shining *his* mini flashlight on the area to be cleaned because he's trying to hold his nose and look away all the while saying "How's it going? Are you done yet?" Or have you just ever written such a ridiculously long sentence before? Huh? I hope you were able to clean the bed well. Oh, that reminds me of another story. I won't tell it, but let me just warn you to never drink too many alcoholic beverages while sitting with friends on a waterbed and listening to rock music. Just. Don't.

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