Tuesday, August 5

I won! I won! I won!

From the Bloggy Giveaway that I posted about, I won a book, entitled Let's Get Ready for First Grade! to use with Honor. I'm really just calling it preschool, but the Kindergarten book covered the topics she already knows and this book's topics looked right at her level. The book was a gift from the author, Stacey Kannenberg, who was a guest blogger on ADHD & LD Resource Blog. Thanks, Stacey!

And I won the DVD Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake. This was a gift from Valeria at Val's Views, another fun giveaway blog. Thanks, Valerie!

I also won free cereal. But I don't eat the stuff, so I'll just have to have my own giveaway here, huh? Why did I sign up for a contest for a prize I didn't want? I have no idea. I signed up for at least 300 different prizes that day and they all started to blur. I'm pretty sure I signed up for burp clothes too and my baby is almost 3. Don't try to understand me.

I'm loving this winning streak. Did I mention that I won a free pan last week? It is so very pretty. It's the $98, stainless steel pan from Pampered Chef. My host (who happened to be my mom,) also won the same pan. And all the guests at her show won a free BBQ rub. Fun night! I don't recall winning much of anything up until recently, so this is really nice! The pan is amazing. Perhaps I'm a little lame to get so excited about a pan, but I'm telling you: It is AWESOME. But that's a post for another day.

The one thing I was really hoping to win, however, didn't come through. I am desperate for a blog makeover. There were several contests for them, but alas, it was not meant to be. I've played with the html and even maneuvered a 3-column layout on another blog....but I lost all the widgets. I made a cute header for another.....and then realized I was breaking all sorts of copyright laws. I've played with the fonts and such here....what do y'all think? Come now, be honest. I'm even thinking of new blog title. It represented a major life lesson I needed to learn and through this blog, God really did teach me. I finally GOT it. It could simply be a celebration of a lesson learned, but something fresh sounds fun. Thoughts?

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