Monday, August 4


I didn't mean to post the butterfly entry was supposed to wait until I had time to write more caption. Well, y'all didn't seem to mind. Thanks! The girls and I are enjoying some girly-girl time together and our first project was to pull out the watercolors. Painting with preschoolers is incredibly fun because no matter how terrible you are, you are still a famous artist (pronounced arrrteeeest) in the eyes of your children. I picked a girly project like painting butterflies to celebrate our girl-ness. My babies were feeling awfully left out without their brothers. A celebration was definitely in order.

The boys are at camp for the week. No boys. No big kids. No helping hands. Well, I have helping hands. They just happen to be small and pudgy and covered in....wait, where did you get the chocolate chips?!?!? It's been fun.

Sarah has spent the last several days practicing washing her hands. I've walked into the kitchen several times to find the faucet running at full blast. No one in sight. She's smeared toothpaste all over the bathroom counter, smeared handsoap throughout her hair several times (mmmmm....pomegranate and grapefruit!) and rubbed sunscreen all over her hands. It seems every time I walk into the same room with her, Sarah starts muttering "Sorry, Mama," which makes me very nervous. I'm so glad she has an active conscience, but it delays discovering what she's apologizing for.

So, tomorrow's project is to drop the girls like hot potatoes off for a play date while I do the deep clean thing. I have a messy house, furniture to move, a few house projects, and a school year to plan. Think I can do it? No, me neither. But it'll be fun to try.

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