Monday, August 18

My Perfect Day

My preparation time asked me to describe what I would want my perfect homeschool day to look like. Here's what I wrote:

I'd wake up refreshed and have my quiet time with God, praying for each child's individual needs and studying God's word. I'd walk or go tot he YMCA and be back before the kids woke up. I'd wake Chris up with fresh coffee before jumping into the shower. I would set a cheerful table and we would all enjoy breakfast together followed by a family devotion. Kissing Chris goodbye, we would begin our day and hit every subject. We'd quickly run through our chores and have a quiet evening of reading and games and individual pursuits. Saturdays would be deeper cleaning days in the morning, followed by leisurely family time. There would be plenty of time for Chris and I to devote to being all about the kids, followed by plenty of time for all about US.

The main difference between this perfect day and the actual days we experienced last school year, is the morning routine. While we've each had our devotion time individually, we have not made it a priority to have it together as a family. That's embarrassing to share, but it's the truth. I treated the kids devotion time as another math assignment for them to check off of their list and never showed them how precious I think it is for them. So. Dragging my butt out of bed before 8:00 seems to be the recurring theme with these plans.

I'd love to hear - seriously, I think this was an awesome exercise - What is your idea of a perfect day? Homeschooling or not, it's very interesting to think about. Please share!


Lawanda said...

Oh my perfect day would be very similar to yours. Only less busy! I can't help it. I am just laid back and lazy! But let me think on it and I will do this on my blog for real!

Lani ~ The Wooden Porch said...

Jenn, I LOVE this post. You encouraged me in a perfect way to think about how I manage my time with my family and household and homeschooling.

My ideal day:

Get up with my husband (who goes to work early in the morning) and have coffee with him.

Breakfast at 8:30 after the kids are up and dressed and have had time to straighten up their rooms and do chores.

Homeschooling at 9.

Lunch at noon.

Quiet time and naps at 1 PM.

Dinner at 5 PM.

Family worship at 6:30.

Bedtime for kids at 8 PM.

Bedtime for us at 9 PM.

MamaGeph said...

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the "getting up early and refreshed" part. You mean, people really DO that?! ;)

If I could start that way and get through the entire day with no whining or arguing (from me OR the kids), that would be pretty perfect. Oh, and I'll add some energy to do creative learning, lapbooking, and model building. So, my perfect day: obedient, eager kids plus an energetic, enthusiastic supermom. Bingo!

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