Tuesday, August 19

Hittin' the books

Six AM is really pretty! Wow! I'd forgotten that part about mornings!

I was dragging by the time we finished school yesterday, but a Pepsi helped me back up to go and do a Pampered Chef party. We finished most of our subjects. I will definitely have to start pushing piano lessons back to be an evening thing that we cover. I requires exclusive one-on-one time and can't really be done without distracting everyone else since the piano is in the dining room next to the table (our school desk.)

Day 2, I didn't see 6:00, but I did squeeze that walk in. I'm multi-tasking by walking and praying at the same time. That leaves a whole hour for devotions and preparing for the day before I have to wake anyone up. That's more blog time! Though it's probably not best for me to start my day with the computer because then I want to keep coming back. It's so quiet and orderly here in blog land. It's like running away and hiding. But history and geography are calling me to the couch.

We've been in school 1 1/2 days and already a kid threw a kink in the schedule for me. Joel isn't feeling well today. I never know how soft to be in this area. I know that if he were in public school, he wouldn't be considered sick enough to even call home about. He's tired and a little nauseous. I have him reading on the couch by himself for the moment. I can't stand to make a kid work when they don't feel good, but I know that I would have had myself convinced that I "didn't feel good" every day when I was that age if I thought it would work for me. How do you know when to pull out the major lovin's and when to encourage perseverance?


Lawanda said...

I almost always pray when I walk. It is so peaceful! :)

About the poor lil sickie... First I hope he feels better soon. And second, I always let my kids do whatever they felt like as long as it was something school-y...like reading, kwim? And let them know what they didn't do today would always have to be finished sometime.... :)

Jennie C. said...

You can tell when they're sick. I don't know about yours, but my kids are honest to a fault and wouldn't even consider lying about such a thing. Still, you can tell. If they are just under the weather, we usually just have lighter days. Working too hard, in my opinion, just drags them further down, and that flexibility is one of the great things about homeschooling. If they're genuinely sick, they get tucked into bed with tea and crackers and their favorite books, if they feel up to reading. Lots of pampering on truly sick days. Clean sheets are always nice. :-)

I hope Joel recovers quickly!

Jenni said...

I've been shooting for 4:30 but getting up at least by 5:20. I've been doing really well getting up, but I'm not so sure I would be doing as well if I didn't know I had to leave the house at 5:30 to get ds up to the school for football practice. Hopefully this week of two a day practices has gotten me back in the routine of waking up early though. It's so much better when I have at least an hour on everyone else.

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