Saturday, August 2


My jaw is dropping. I just got off the phone with someone who wants to sign up to sell Pampered Chef. This is the 2nd person planning on signing up in the next couple weeks.

The jaw dropping part is because my Director called me yesterday to tell me that anyone signing up to sell Pampered Chef will receive a rebate of half of the kit price if they sign up in the month of August. These gals didn't even know about that perk yet! And.....I get $100 cash for signing them up. But even better, these will be my 2nd and 3rd sign-ups, which makes me a Future-Director and qualifies me for $200 cash each. Can we say Christmas shopping money? Well, okay, maybe just groceries. Either way, I'm continually surprised at how my attempt to just find some Pampered Chef products ends up blessing me again and again.

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