Thursday, September 18

Guess what today is?

We've sewn a pirate flag and it is hanging in the front yard. Signs are made. We're almost ready.

We've been working on a lapbook created by Live and Learn Press. Scroll down the link page and you'll see a beauty all about pirates. I have been so impressed with Live and Learn Press. I had used Hands of a Child previously, and liked it. But I don't think it even begins to compare with the quality of lapbook created by Live and Learn Press.

So here are a few ideas to get you started, if you're new to the game:

Make a Hook Hand:cut a slit in the bottom of a plastic cup. Cut a hook shape out of cardboard, wrap with foil, and slip it through the slit in the cup.

Make a Telescope: cover the end of a paper towel tube and decorate.Learn about Pirates.

Pirate Cupcakes Bake Pirate cupcakes. Frost with chocolate and add the skull and crossbones using white icing.

Build a pirate ship.

Listen to Pirate Music.

Color a Piraty Picture.


Jennie C. said...

David's been playing a game called Pirates of the Burning Sea online. Of course, they know about "Talk Like a Pirate Day". Cap'n Slappy has even shown up in the game this week.

Shanna said...

I am really no good at pirate-ese...I tried today...really.

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