Thursday, September 4


Throughout the week, we've had awesome weather. It has been raining for days now. Inches and inches and inches. The air is cool, but not at all cold. It's just beautiful. I've been listening to the soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice nonstop since the rain started. My sweet, wonderful sister gave it to me. I MISS MY SISTER!!!!!!!! Misty, if you were here, we'd be enjoying lots of P&P, dreary weather, and warm tea.

Honor surprised me yesterday: We were unpacking for the yardsale all day in the dreary drizzle and she piped up with a sigh, "Isn't the weather so wonderful today?" I had to laugh....and I had to agree.

Lend an Ear


Mike said...

I love that movie! In fact, I randomly thought of my favorite quote from it today during lunch.

"I make more money than - than - than Calvin Coolidge! Put together!"

Jenn said...

It's in my Netflix Queue. I haven't seen it in years, but remembered it would be a good one to snuggle all the kids on the bed and watch on the computer during tomorrow night's rainy weather.

Lawanda said...

I adore that movie, and I ADORE P&P!!

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