Thursday, September 4

Pennies and Snot

Slowly, but surely, I'm plunking away at this.

I sold a little bit of curriculum for $30.00
I sold these old toys on ebay for $15.50
I sold outgrown stuff for $90.00 at a yardsale today.
I had a Pampered Chef party and made $110.00 tonight.

So I am now up to $245.50. My goal is $1000.00. Getting there.

Since I am in the midst of a yardsale, I've managed to stir up the clutter in this house. Yes, I've hauled stuff off, but I've left a small whirlwind behind me. This clutter is a weight around my neck and I want to be done with it. I want my house to be the background setting of my life, not the distraction of my life. Cleaning I can do. I can clean my house. Throwing away the kids' birthday cards...I can't do. I have boxes of STUFF. Mostly stuff to read. I can't read all these papers! It has to go!

I have sick babies today. The boys are both stuffed up something awful. I thought it was allergies, but after a few days of stuffiness, they're now running low fevers. We may have to close up the garage sale early to take them to the doctor tomorrow. I'm worried about a sinus infection. Any and all advice on nursing kids back to health without the aid of a doctor would be greatly appreciated!


Jessica said...

i got the crib!! yay! what an answer to prayer! dan and i were just talking the day before about if we needed to get another crib or not for #2 and how we were going to have to talk one of our parents into buying it because we just couldn't. yay! $25 crib that's just what i wanted!

Lawanda said...

You go girl! I wish I could get $1000 saved up and KEEP it saved up! :-p

I hope your babies feel better soon. We rarely go to the dr for colds/flu... But I don't know what we specifically do for it, except stay warm and keep the air moist!

Shanna said...

Sometimes a spoonful of honey will work for an itchy cough or sore throat.We use Vicks and humidifiers for stuffiness. But once they start running temps and get green we take them to the drs. As a matter of fact, we just had to go today bc my one year old as the yucky green eyes.

Keep working on the Dave Ramsey stuff. We've never felt better and free-er(don't think that's a word) with our finances than when we were sticking to that plan.

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