Friday, September 5

Would you invite me into your home?

I embarrassed myself at my Pampered Chef party. Which means, of course, that I have to make it even more public by blogging about it.

First, I forgot to bring a pan with me that was absolutely necessary. A guest coming from that direction stopped and my house and picked it up for me. Whew!

The host requested 3 separate dishes, rather than 1. I haven't done that before and probably never will. They were all done at exactly the same time and there were about 2 feet of counter space on which to prepare this food. I was stumbling in confusion.

I mentioned that I needed "someone bossy" to read the recipe out to us....and then I HANDED the recipe book to a gal....BEFORE she volunteered. I slapped my hand over my mouth and my eyes bugged and out and I apologized PROFUSELY. I didn't mean to call her bossy! I was thinking of handing it to her in the first place because she was sitting so close but then thought I should probably allow someone to volunteer for the position instead. The words came with thought #2, but the actions went with thought #1. She laughed. All laughed. They thought it was a funny joke. Yeah. Clever me. heh, heh, eh.

I got lost several times in the 3 recipes going at once and just felt like a big goober.

Then I tripped over a chair. I can't see on my left side and I frequently trip over chairs. I should really look where I'm going better. But not only did I trip over the chair, I APOLOGIZED to it. It's an instinct. I trip over people much more frequently than I trip over chairs.

I forgot salt and pepper in the pasta recipe.

I sat a styrofoam plate down on a hot burner and melted it through, stinking up the entire kitchen. And, oh yeah, those weren't my styrofoam plates, even though I told the hostess I'd bring my own plates. Thankfully, she had it covered anyway.

I didn't bring enough catalogs. I had more set out to bring, but apparently I left them on the coffee table with my bundt pan!

Oddly enough, it was my biggest show, bringing in over $700.00 in sales. This meant the hostess got the pan she wanted for 60% off, $140.00 worth of free product, and three items for half off. She forgave me for the styrofoam. But, this was my first party that didn't have someone sign up to have their own party. Can I really blame them? lol.

But here's the cool part! On the way there, I'd been praying about the money stuff. And then I started mentally walking through the show I was driving towards, working on sounding good. But then I snapped out of it and prayed, "Lord, I want to glorify you. It doesn't matter how this show goes. You are supplying all my needs. YOU are the One I am out to impress. I'm not out to bring glory to Pampered Chef, I'm out to bring glory to YOU. Help me glorify you tonight."

As I drove off, after the party, I laughed at how it had turned out. God had totally supplied in an unexpected way and it most certainly did NOT bring glory to anyone but Him.


Jennie C. said...

Yup, I'd invite you. Even if you did cook badly, melt plates, and talk to offended chairs. :-)

Lawanda said...

Oh yeah! I did a scrapbooking party ONE TIME. That was it for me. Your story multiplied by at least 3! ;)

It sounds like you had an understanding crowd, at least :)

Mike said...

You're totally invited. Just bring Singin' in the Rain and some Dr. Pepper.

Jenn said...

Awww, y'all are gracious.

Mike, does that mean you're finally done with Monster?

Shanna said...

I had one of these days last Thursday at our co-op. The baby pooped and it came out of her diaper as soon as we got there, but I didn't have a change of clothes, so she had to sit in the nursery naked. Then the volunteer from the toddler room brought my 1 yr old to me to tell me he couldn't stay because of his green, goupy eye. I had to round up all my kids and stuff. As another mom was helping me carry all my stuff, my sick kid, and naked baby out to the car, I realized that I have six kids, but was only counting five...that's because I forgot to get my 3 yr old from her room. Then once we got loaded into the van, I backed into someone's car! Another mom went in to find who's car it was so I could stay with the kids and she walked back out a minute later with the pastor of the church-it was his car! Plus, when I got home my one yr old's car seat buckle was stuck and I had to cut him out of his carseat. I don't even know why I got out of bed that day.

Mike said...

Actually, I've cut back dramatically on soda and energy drinks. I'll have the occasional Monster Kahos, but generally, I'm back to tea (iced tea especially, good stuff). I enjoy a latte in the morning on my way to work, but that's been all the caffeine I've had for at least two weeks now.

You'd still have to bring Dr. Pepper though. Seriously.

Christy said...

I bet the women had a GREAT time!!!!

You are hilarious.

I am sorry you got embarrassed-but it sounds like they loved you because they sure did order alot!

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