Friday, October 24

The Big Five

Loser mom here forgot to mention Honor's party. We celebrated with friends a couple weeks ago.

Honor requested a Butterfly Ballerina Princess Mermaid party. Can you imagine a mermaid doing a Quatrième demipointes? There are, amazingly enough, no invitations with that birthday theme to be found at Wal-mart, so we made our own.

I left off the mermaid part. She never noticed.

Ignore the giant stain on the front of her dress. The dress she begged me to sew was covered in food within 15 minutes. She had it in her head that she needed a homemade princess dress for her birthday.

I don't sew.

I didn't sew.

I sewed.

The tulle ballerina skirt in the background of the picture above was my first attempt at making her birthday dress. I thought I might be able to skate by with that one. No. She wanted a dress. She wasn't being bratty or anything and I didn't have to give in. But it was a request that was special to her. It just took me a while to work up the nerve to comply with said request. Thank you, Mom, for helping me figure out that brave new world of.....pppppatterns!

And here she is with her new baby doll, Seraphina....wait, no she just changed it to Arabelle....wait, no she just changed it to Maggie.....wait, no it's Honor......nope, now she's calling it Pollyanna......Charlotte???

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Shanna said...

I want to learn how to read patterns and NO ONE will teach me...I keep whining about it to everybody I know who can sew. I've tried to figure it out by myself before, but it just gave me a headache.

Jenn said...

I know! It's like the papers are written in code or something! I don't know that I retained enough knowledge to ever repeat the process, but I promise that if I do, I will blog about it every step of the way.

Jenni said...

Happy birthday, Honor! Wow, you're brave to even attempt such a theme. Honor is much better at naming her baby dolls than Na was. I remember one doll that went by the name of Jungle Picnic Baby for a while because that's what the pattern on her dress reminded Na of. I'm praying for more sense and say in the naming of my grandchildren.

Jenn said...

Jungle Picnic Baby!!! That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Mike said...

"Can you imagine a mermaid doing a Quatrième demipointes?"

I can honestly say that at no time in my 25 years, with as broad and active an imagination as I posses, have I ever imagined that.

But now that you have mentioned it, I can't get it out of my mind.

Happy birthday!

RichandMarsha said...

Hallmark is coming out with that card in the spring of 2009. Isn't it every little girl's dream to have a Butterfly Ballerina Princess Mermaid party? Happy Birthday Honor!

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