Wednesday, October 1

Here comes the rain again

My wordless Wednesday was actually a few weeks old. I found them on the card and had to keep a few. It was a thrilling rush of rainy weather pushing through. The air felt charged and the kids and I had to run outside to watch it come to us. I LOVE days like that. Most perfect for curling up with a book. I'm reading The Thief Lord right now. Yes, I know. It's a children's book. I still love it.

Fall is stirring and teasing. I love the smells. We go through the house feeling rather chilly, but I refuse to shut the windows yet. I love the smell of leaves and the neighbor's woodsmoke. I love wearing a sweater and two pair of socks. Tomorrow we get to visit a Pumpkin Patch. But we'll probably be in short sleeves since it's much warmer outside in the sun.

I wanted desperately to share a video, but youtube is down for the moment. Here's a link (hopefully) if you want to lend an ear. I'll update it tomorrow if possible.

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Lawanda said...

Oooh! Never heard of that book! (YAY a new book to check out!)

Its official, YOU are crazy! how can you like cold weather? haha I am one who is always cold and achy in the Fall and Winter and even Spring, so from here on out the Bah Humbugs abound from my lips until next summer! LOL

I try to limit them so people still like me though, so don't worry about me cluttering up the blogosphere with 'em ;)

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