Wednesday, October 1

Walk me through it slowly

Truly, this is new territory for me. Correct me patiently, as if I were an 8 year old.

They are pushing this bail-out through because without it, there will be a recession. And things are peachy right now? This time it is going through because it has been sweetened with tax breaks. But it doesn't include any plans for paying for the tax breaks. Which means a larger deficit? How does increasing the deficit NOT equal a recession?

If we're going to have a recession either way, what is the real purpose in having a bail-out? To help me? To help the country? I'm surely missing something, right?

Obama and McCain both voted yes to the bail-out tonight. Ron Paul is so rational. So practical. Lawanda compared him to Washington. I feel the exact same way. A man of Integrity. He'd have taken care of General Howe's dog just fine. How on earth has he not been lifted up as a champion? I'm rather discouraged at the moment. You're right, Lawanda. United States of Pottersville.


Lawanda said...

If anyone votes for the incumbents in the election, we totally are going to get what we deserve, being idiots.

Jessica said...

i *think* the idea is that if the big dogs are allowed to fail and flounder in the mess they have made for themselves then the effects will eventually be felt by everyone, mostly in the form of shortage of available credit. if that happens it could affect loans of every kind, including mortgages and student loans.

like it or not, credit is a huge part of how our country operates. it's hard to decipher how much of what they're saying is real and how much is scare tactics.

i'm no expert--i've just gotten bits and pieces from the political shows dan watches. i'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around this one.

*getting back under my rock now*

4in4 said...

Sing it, Sister, I'm with you on every word (followed your sig link from WTM, couldn't resist your blog title).

Lawanda said...

Jessica, you are right, it is all about the credit, and ya know that is partly why I am so ticked off about it. If people need credit more than they need income, they are barking up an awful strange tree, imo. -- she barks from her computer!

And now I shall not bark myself anymore! LOL

Down girl down! ;) haha

Christy said...

I am just tired and confused by all of this.

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

I'm with you, can I get that one more time? Wha? I think it's all bunk. :o) Thanks for visiting today! Blessings, Whitney

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