Tuesday, October 14

Pumpkin Patch

I took the kids to a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago. I am very behind in blogging (anyone notice the pseudo blogging I've been dishing out half-heartedly?) so the children have aged by at least 2 weeks since the taking of these photos. I have a new keyboard (thanks to the jasmine tea I spilled all over my number pad a month ago,) so this post is going to take me at least an hour to type. The keys move so smoothly! I keep double punching and adding spaces in the most bizarre places. This will take some adjusting. And since the Zero key works perfectly fine, each time I enter "0" I end up with at least 5 of them because I'm used to mashing it, out of a month-long habit, with a ridiculous zeal. No mashing necessary, it works just fine. This will take time.

Oh, yeah, pumpkin patch.

They began by reading an excerpt from Little House on the Prairie; the part about crossing the river. After the reading, the children were split into groups and attempted to build their own rafts to float gourds across the creek.

my raft builder

Here is their attempt at floating that gourd across. I don't know if it made it. Upon seeing them so delightfully occupied, I went and found moms to hang out with and enjoyed stimulating conversation.....completely ignoring my children.

the attempt

The big kids enjoyed a hayride while the little kids enjoyed a train ride. This was so fun. It was made out of plastic barrels. Sarah Grace is the only one that braved a "car". Hers is the tiny head popping out of the white barrel. The others all rode close to the "engine".

This is not my child. I do not know this child. But I had to show you a shot of the corn box. The kids had so much fun playing with this. It is like a giant sandbox full of dry corn kernels. The texture is amazing. There is a very fine dust over it that leaves your hands so soft. This baby couldn't resist sneaking in. I must confess, I had to hold myself back. It's a tactile thing. It was hard to reign in the urge to dive in and go swimming in the stuff. If you ever have the opportunity to "assist your children" in playing with a feeder full of con, I highly recommend it.

stranger's baby.

The younger children studied frogs while at the creek. Can you see this little guy? First person to spot it gets a lollipop.

Not really. I can't afford the postage.

Sarah loved the little waterfall. I was a nervous wreck with all of those kids running around the water's edge and jagged rocks. The bank was really rough. Beautiful, but stressful when we're talking about a dozen 2-5 year olds.

ugly shoes

Honor found a friend and ran off into the corn maze. Jeepers those girls were fast.

Honor and Lyddie

Sarah tagged along with her pokey mama. When it was obvious were were not going to catch up, Gracie blazed a trail through the middle of the corn, ignoring all paths marked out for us. Ignoring boundaries that are clearly marked is difficult for this OCD mom, but laziness won out and we caught up by cutting through the middle.

my trail blazer

And then they posed for me.

my princesses

We're working on the posture thing.

He cannot pose without looking like a goob. I assure you, he is a very handsome little guy in person.

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Ginger@chirgies said...

Your kids are too stinkin' cute!!! That Grace - I could just kiss those cheeks! I love how you're so brutally honest about catching up on Mom-conversations. :) Love it! What great memories your kids will have!

Lawanda said...

I am literally laughing out loud at every caption.

I say "goob" all the time, and someone commented about it the other day. Apparently it is not common knowledge that "goob" is short for "Goober" and that it is synonymous with "dingleberry"... I got several giggles just explaining this at the library the other day ;) haha

Mike said...

"The kids have aged two weeks..."
Oh my gosh! Are they driving yet?

I totally see that frog man. It's next to the brown leaf center-ish in the picture. You don't have to send the lollipop. Postage is outrageous.

Hehe...the words "goober" and "dingleberry" make me laugh.

Jennie C. said...

I found it! Where's my lollipop?

(And I'm really, really wishing I had a big vat of corn in the backyard...)

Shanna said...

We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday. I think the place we went to was a little more commercialized. They had a corn maze, bamboo maze, and rope maze...yes the kids insisted we do all three.

Jessica said...

does he get the goobness from you or chris? that place looks like fun--mind telling me where it's at?

RichandMarsha said...

The kids are growing up so fast! Thanks for giving us the cutest grandbabies ever!:)

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