Monday, October 13

She gets it from me

Honor and Sarah were instructed to clean their room. Honor, inventing her own incentive, announced that the person who worked the hardest and did the best cleaning would win a new bracelet (one of her old ponytail elastics.)

About 10 minutes later, Honor came in squealing, "I did it! I cleaned the whole room! And I worked the hardest! That means......I'M THE WINNER!!!!"

Sarah moseyed her little self into the room to give a satisfied chuckle and said, "I losed."


Honor "consoled" her nicely, trying not to rub her big win in Sarah's face...completely unaware that, depending on what the contest really was, Sarah won.


Shanna said...

Ahhhh...yes. Manipulation meets delegation. You'll have your hands full. ;o)

granny janny said...

She's way to young for that. What age do you think you started doing that? Are you still doing that? I'll have to be more observant.

Classical Circus said...

Bwahahaha! Give my congrats to the winner :o).

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