Sunday, November 9

56 Days

I made it a whole week last time I started this project, but I would love to invite you to join me and tell me how you're doing....challenge me to be diligent in doing it......with Paradoxology's 56 Days Challenge. I was amazed at the change in the atmosphere, in my attitude that occurred during the week I started this. Sometimes we just get so busy that we go into auto-pilot mode. Stopping to purposefully walk through each moment of our day makes such a difference. Paying attention to our speech, our facial expressions, our tone of voice makes all the difference to the fragrance of our homes.

The assignments are simple:

Day 1 - observe throughout the day and make a list of areas you would like to improve (the kids behaviour, your habits, household issues, etc.)
Day 2 - Smile. Purposefully maintain a smile all day long.

See how simple? Not the type of project that gets in the way or adds to the busy-ness. We had a sick-bug go through the house in the midst of busy chaos during my first attempt at this project and I honestly just forgot about the whole thing until I recently found my notebook where I had started keeping a short journal about it. This time, I'll journal on the blog. More naked, but less easy to forget.

I'm starting Monday morning. Wanna join? If you do, please leave a comment letting me know so that I can encourage you likewise.


Jenni said...

Naked blogging? It's too cold for that already here. Besides, I have no curtains on my front windows. What if the mail carrier drops a package at the door or the meter reader drops by? Then I'd have to ask God to heal them of their blindness and mental scarring which I inadvertantly caused. Of course, if I did the naked blogging thing, it might help dh smile more:o)

Jenn said...

ROFLOL! You know what I meant! However, I had an interesting conversation tonight about a local company that sells peanut and almond butter to surrounding healthfood stores......they are all part of a commune and do all of their processing in the nude. Ewwwww! Chris says it instantly broke his peanut butter addiction. At least something good came from that conversation.

Nicole said...

I'm interested. Though, I'm not sure how naked I'll be. :) (Had to keep it going. :)

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