Thursday, November 6


I'm not hosting it, but I thought I'd share in case anyone else is interested. The Company Porch is hosting a giveaway for the Terrestria Chronicles, a series of Christian allegory fiction geared toward boys but enjoyable for all. From the website: "The Quest tells the story of a young minstrel whose life is shattered when his career comes to an abrupt end. The book was written to help young adult readers experience the wonder of finding and doing the will of the King."
The contest is simple, just leave a comment at TCP with your name and email address. They are choosing 15 winners, which really increases your odds of winning. As a crew member of The Old Schoolhouse magazine, I'm not eligible to enter the contest but I'd love to see someone else win it!

p.s. I know my comment section is all screwey. I didn't even touch anything....just woke up and there it was. If you look really, really close you can see that it is still there, it is just teensy-tiny. If you hover your mouse over the spot that looks like lint on your screen, you'll see that there is, in fact, still a comment section there. It's just hiding. You know how I love comment love, so please don't let it scare you while I'm in the process of hunting down whatever is causing this.

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