Monday, November 10

Day 1

First day of the 56 days project.

Observe & identify - make a list......Here's my list:

1. Morning prayer time is a MUST. No matter what. No matter how little sleep.
2. Desperately need a consistent wake & sleep time for all of us. The 1am bedtime has to stop. If I get up at 6:30 instead of 7:30, I'll have that first hour to prepare for the day.
3. We need to eat more veggies.
4. Attitude Check - a good friend called and asked how my day was. I would have given an upbeat answer to anyone else, but good friends get our grumpy sides sometimes. She got to hear my gripe. I had decided I'd had a bad day. I'll not bore you with the details. But examining the day had me wondering....what could have been done differently to have made it a good day? Everything that happened could have occurred the exact same way and I would have considered it a good day had my house been clean. A tidy home, a mapped-out plan for the day, and feeling on top of my schedule would have branded this an excellent day regardless of the little things that crop inner thighs scalded with cider. Whew! That stings!

Anyone else try this project today?

1 comment:

Lawanda said...

I think it would depress me too much to try this just now. But you never know... I may try a modified version at some point! ;) I think it is wonderful you are doing this.

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