Tuesday, November 25

Black Friday

I haven't decided if I'm shopping the day after Thanksgiving or not. I love the deals to be had, but I end up buying presents for myself, too, which doesn't exactly save me money on my Christmas shopping. I already have half of my gifts bought, so I'm thinking about staying home and shopping online instead. Several stores have black friday sales. Amazon, Hands of a Child, and The Old Schoolhouse Store are 3 that have participated in the past. Any other sites that you know of?

www.TheOldSchoolhouseStore.com is starting their sale the day before Thanksgiving and lasts until the 30th. Check them out on Wednesday, November 26th for the 3rd Annual Black Friday Sale. This year, they are already advertising that you'll be able to purchase a subscription to their magazine for only $7.95......um, that's a YEAR of magazines for the price of ONE magazine. With the subscription, you also get access to free downloads and such. Another nice feature: shipping at The Old Schoolhouse Store is always free.

So, do you go out early in the cold for black friday sales? Do you know of any online deals to be had? Please share, I'm a deal-junkie and could use a fix.


Christy said...

I have shopped one time on a black friday and couldn't sleep the night before due to shopping anxiety.

I am dead serious.

The thought of not getting to the stores in time to buy those deals nearly drove me crazy.


This year I am doing most of my shopping online-Amazon is a wonderful thing!!

Lawanda said...

I hate shopping. I refuse to shop on Black Friday! :-p

I have several gifts already, and I am going to Ollie's to see about getting a few more, and then I am FINISHED SHOPPING. Blech. (Ollies is awesome, sort of like Big Lots...)

I enjoy making gifts much more than buying them. :)

Jessica said...

mom and i braved walmart the day after thanksgiving a long time ago. the target: an artificial christmas tree. the victim: your's truly. that experience traumatized me for years.

then i went and got a job working at walmart and had to work "blitz" as they call it 3 years in a row. at least those times i had some sort of power against the crazed bargain shoppers.

THEN, i went and got a job at a toy store at the mall and had to work black friday.

it's a wonder i'm still alive, but needless to say, i stay home the day after thanksgiving. :)

Nicole said...

I usually go shopping that day, but not necessarily for any of the super targeted sale items. For example I will not stand in line at 3a.m. for anything.

Shanna said...

My friend and I used to go every year and never ran into any problems. We weren't into the long lines and SUPER deals, though. We retired our Black Friday shopping once I had three kids...too much loading in and out of the car (the kids, I mean.)

Anyway, just got an email from currclick.com this morning...they are GIVING AWAY 28 FREEBIES on Friday. Woo-hoo!

And Hancocks Fabrics is having a Thanksgiving DAY sale online Thursday. I am planning to make some fleece blankets for the kids and some of their fleece will be marked down to $2.25.

Anonymous said...

I think Kohl's has online black friday deals.

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