Monday, November 24

A first haircut

I forgot to post these - this is almost a month old!

Sarah's hair was getting scraggly. She went three years without a haircut. It was long and pretty, but not a uniform length anywhere on her head. I looked up the "best day" for encouraging hair growth on the online Farmer's Almanac and headed off to cut her hair.

Sarah, the scraggly one, being held by Katelin the Lifesaver. If Katelin's parents kick the bucket, she's ours. Their will says so. But I wish no ill towards her parents; This girl is already family.

Honor, enjoying her image in the mirror in front of her, with the lovely Megan. Megan is awesome, if tiny. I'm pretty sure I could snap her like a twig. Not that I would want to, she honestly is awesome. But I still feel like a lumberjack when I'm with her.

Sarah looked really worried for a while. This picture doesn't quite capture it. She stared at Megan in the mirror looking very concerned until Megan said "What do you think about getting your hair styled pretty?".......

.....and suddenly it dawned on Sarah that she was not getting her hair cut off like her brothers but was, in fact, getting a girly-do. She gave a sudden laugh of relief and was enthralled for the rest of the procedure.

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Ginger@chirgies said...

Ohhhh... so cute! LOVE that laugh of relief picture. :) I need to take Lise-y in for her 1st hair cut, it's kind of scraggly/uneven. But it's that soft fine baby hair, sniff, sniff.
I'd never heard of looking at the Farmer's almanac... I'll have to check that out. :)

Jessica said...

so cute! i love megan too--where is her shop?

Lawanda said...

Those are cute pics :) You don't have an "after" though! ;)

You have such cute kids :)

Aunt Misty said...

Hello, we need an after picture!

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