Tuesday, November 11

Help Me 2 Teach

I have been enjoying a new website called Help Me 2 Teach. The site is a database of school-related topics and links. It makes it so much simpler to hunt down information for supplementing schoolwork. If you google for unit studies, you may want to take note.

For an example, the boys and I are going through a unit study about elections. Try going to google and typing in "election". There are 183,000,000 results! You will be there an hour narrowing down which sites have the content you can actually use to build your study. How many actually apply to your search? Not many. When I typed in "election" in the Help Me 2 Teach search bar, only 8 options came up. However, every one of those 8 options was exactly what I was looking for. Elaine, the website creator, shares only top quality, educational websites. She has uploaded material that is enriching to an education. And don't think that I mean it is all boring educational information. The websites she shares aren't fluff, but they are still written for kids.

With my type A, controlling and slightly paranoid personality, this limiting-down-to-eight-options thing bothered me at first. What amazing website was I miss out on if I limited myself to only these options? But that perspective didn't last long. First, I'm not limited to those eight. If I really felt like it, I could go on a hunt and find some other gem to add to the list. However, if I were to teach my boys from only ONE of the excellent eight options given, they would already learn all I wished them to know for this unit study. Even eight would be overkill if you did each thoroughly.

Is it perfect? Well, nothing is perfect, so I am assuming not. But I am happy to know that the creator of the website is very friendly and passionate about the database she was worked so hard (for several years) to perfect. If there are any questions or concerns, she is quick to personally address them and eager to improve the website if necessary.

So, I am now quite happy to relinquish control over the entire internet. I am content to avoid hours searching for unit study fodder. I'll have to find a new internet based hobby if I wish to maintain this attractive crick in my neck.

There is a fee for subscribing to the site, but it is minimal and worth it, in my opinion. It is $29.95 for an entire year. And if you sign up between now and December 31, 2008, you get an extra year free.

They are offering a free one-month trial if you sign up using the code "“FREEWOW”. Go give it a whirl.


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