Wednesday, November 12

Not wordless

Yesterday's 56 day assignment was to work on smiling all day. It was easier to remember after a discipline scenario arose....I just couldn't speak sternly and not wrap it up with an I Love You and a smile. But I should not have needed an assignment to make me remember to do that. When did I stop sandwiching discipline with love? That one snuck up on me. And I realize the word is sneaked, not snuck, but that just sounds ridiculous and I refuse to switch.

Today's assignment was to watch my tone. I forgot to read it until the day was half over. Luckily, I've been losing my voice off and on lately and I wasn't even able to raise my voice. Score! If ever there was a day to raise my voice, this would have been it. Wowzer, talk about full-moon behaviour. I was shaking my head all day at how vacant my children's brains seemed to be...and then I walked out of church tonight and spied the full moon. I slapped my hand to my forehead and let it all go. There is definitely something to that full moon thing. Seems to happen every time.

Completely off-topic#1:
I work hard to stick to my list and never wander into the clothing section of Wal-mart on a whim, but I bumped into a friend this afternoon who informed me that there was a great clearance on boys' clothing. I'm glad I bumped into her. I found GREAT shorts for the boys - cargo, camo, carpenter, denim, khaki, you name it - for ONE DOLLAR! We stocked up on their summer wardrobe.

Completely off-topic #2:
eLauri from the WTM board shared a link to this site: which shares an offer for a free custom photo book. It also had great tips for organizing. The first was to scan your kids' artwork and put it in books instead of boxes of papers. I have two little artist princesses and we are overrun with artwork. I started scanning it a while back but never got much farther than that. Another tip was to turn the hangers in your closet backward. Each time you wear, wash, and return an item to the closet, you turn it the right way. If you still have backward hangers after 6 months, you know what you need to get rid of.
*for the record, I'm not on the oprah train. I just like free stuff.


Jessica said...

the full moon does bring out the most interesting side of people. i needed the reminder of the verse on your sidebar this morning: blessed are the peacemakers. i'm having to do a lot of that in my classes this week. thank goodness it's almost friday!

Lawanda said...

*I agree with sneaked! Silly sounding word!!

*I lose my voice in the spring. Before I got my tonsils out (when I was 28) I lost my voice in early fall, and then again in winter, and then again in spring...etc. I always get teased when I lose my voice. The people at church like to ask Kevin how his vacation is going ;) (cuz he is going without listening to me...get it? ha. ha. :-p)

I am a yeller. I should not admit that, it is one of my worst faults, imo. I yell WAY too much.

*I totally think the full moon makes everyone weird--er.

*YAY on the good bargains!!!

*I'm glad you aren't on the Oprah train. ;)

Those are good tips though!!

Misty said...

I watched that episode of oprah. The free book thing ends today, it was only for 48 hrs for a snapfish bound book. Also for 5 more days you can also get 20 percent off at The Container Store. I think you have to logon to the Oprah website for the discount code. It was actually a pretty good show.

Lawanda said...

I got a free book! I did it for a gift for my in-laws! THANKS SO MUCH for the heads up!!!!!

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