Monday, November 17

Pageant Mom

Friday night, we put Honor in a pageant.

We've always managed to avoid the pageant thing like the plague. But we succumbed. I guess it was the chance to let our girly-girl glam it up that did it. The child likes to dress up at least five times a day. So we let her have her night and managed to make it through the whole thing without her realizing it was a competition. She just had fun.

Honor, having fun getting her hair done.

Honor, wondering why we had to be here half an hour early when they aren't starting until half an hour late anyway.

Honor, clenching her teeth and saying, "howmuchlongerdoIhavetokeepsmiling???" before she even reached the stage.

Honor, tuckered out and really ready to go get that ice cream I mentioned before this started. She turned around several times to ask if it was almost over. Just one more hour, kiddo......

We sat two rows back from her and I was proud of how patient she was. It was a long night, having to watch every girl from every age group go through the line. Poor Ethan had to turn his head for one teen's time on stage. I'm pretty sure I saw her belly button through her cleavage.

So, it was probably our last year in the pageant scene. But not because of the long night. It's because of scenes like the montage following.....I'm so competitive, can't you just see me doing this? It's hilarious.


Jessica said...

what a beautiful little girl! i didn't know you all were doing the pageant thing. how did it go?

Lawanda said...

Awww! She looked so adorable!!!! She is so pretty ♥

I put Kela and Cassie in the Little Miss Parkersburg Pageant when they were 4. Kela got runner up. Cassie refused to go onto the stage! haha

I hated seeing some of the parents' behavior. Seriously. It was disgusting. And some of the kids were just as bratty as their parents!!

My Kela was one of the only kids who weren't dressed to kill! And these were all 3-5 year olds!!!

It really opened my eyes. I mean its not like the Little Miss Parkersburg Pageant is a big deal even. KWIM?!

It was just unbelievable to me. I didn't even bother with Faith or Raechel. Too much trouble. haha

granny janny said...

She is such a cutie. I especially like the picture of her laying her head down on the back of the chair. She looks so sweet and innocent.

RichandMarsha said...

Ahh...Honor you are beautiful and so grown up looking!

Shanna said...

Honor looks beautiful! I read this post a couple of days ago but didn't have time to post and wanted to come back...

Funny, I was sewing the other day and the best thing I could find on tv (it's absolute that I have to at least be doing two things at once at all times, therefore if I sew, I watch tv)was a documentary on pageant moms. Some of the women your video were on there. We do have Christian, homeschooling friends who are into the pageant thing. The daughter decided on her own that she wanted to get into it when she was about 14 after winning at the local fair. She's done very well.

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