Monday, November 17

The Missing Link


As a crew member of the The Old Schoolhouse review team, I had the privilege of receiving a new book from Media Angels, a company "dedicated to serving the needs of Christian parents, students, and teachers." The book is titled: "The Missing Link: FOUND" by Christina and Felice Gerwitz. It is the first book of The Truth Seekers Mystery Series. Christina and Felice are a mother-daughter team who came together when Christina was only 17 years old to create a book that would inspire a love of reading, especially for reluctant readers who desire a little excitement in their reading time. Enter, my son, the reluctant reader.

It's not that Ethan doesn't enjoy reading, he's just reluctant to read boring books. He has high standards for his reading material. Being an 11-year old boy, he wants a book that has excitement, intrigue, and action. This book provided all of it.

I assign books that I want the boys to read every day. They are required to read for half an hour out of the book I choose. I also allow them to stay up reading after bedtime. The books they choose to read at bedtime are rarely, if ever, the books I assign during the day. Until now.

Last week, I assigned The Missing Link to Ethan. He read his obligatory half hour and then spent the rest of the day counting down the hours until bedtime when he could read some more. Counting down the hours until bedtime? I like this book.

The storyline is about two home schooled teens, Christian and Anna, who help their uncle with an excavation after their uncle becomes ill. While working on the dig, their uncle is kidnapped from the hospital. It turns out, the excavation was for what appeared to be the Missing Link. Kidnappings, treasures, archaeological mysteries, and bullet-dodging abound in this adventure story that weaves in Biblical truth, scientific arguments for creation, and love and respect.

I was thrilled to see Ethan enjoying this book. But how could he not? The FBI joined the storyline only 5 pages into the book. The brother and sister are being shot at by page 10. Ethan was hooked. He's requested the rest of the series for a Christmas present. It isn't odd for him to request a book for Christmas, but these days it is odd for him to request a book that doesn't include Star Wars characters or Superheroes.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who won't sit me down for an evolution lecture when they hear the book involves creation science. Visit the TOS website for more reviews from fellow crew members.

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