Tuesday, November 18

The Winner Takes It All

I forgot to post the winner of the book giveaway! Please forgive me! But I'm sure you will because I've shared an Abba song. How can you stay mad while listening to Abba?

The winner is Lawanda! My random number generator is my 11 year old, whom I woke up to "quick, give me a number between 1 and 11!"

Lawanda, you'll love it. It was very helpful to me. More than anything, it helped me appreciate the unique bent of each of my children. I'll need to read it again in a few years for the girls, but it was begging to be appreciated by someone else in the meantime.


Lawanda said...


I am so plum tickled!! Tell the 11 year old he rocks! ;) haha

Thanks again!!! :-D

Jessica said...

yes, brandi had her baby november 1st. all is well as far as i know--i've talked to her once on the phone. i've called and tried to go see her, but she hasn't been home! she must be out showing off that baby girl. Her name is Madalyn.

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