Friday, February 6

Catch up

I had my trip and then I got busy and then I caught a nasty I'm playing blog catch cup.
First on the list: that haircut. I now have the hair of a southern televangelist's wife. This is an awful picture taken by one of the kids while I glared at them, but it somewhat shows the hair. I had been following the in-crowd with my sleek, straight hair and I just couldn't take it anymore! I took pictures to my hairdresser and she said, "You realize that all of these pictures are of actresses over the age of 60?" Yeah. Trendy, I'm not.

But it makes me happy. That double chin thing I have going in this picture doesn't make so happy, but I am VERY happy to NOT use my straight iron. ever. again.


I took brownies to our church Superbowl party. I baked them in a mini muffin pan and then shaped them with a tart press and filled them with ganache. My store-brand ziploc baggie with a hole cut in the corner fancy pastry bag busted out the side and got my hands really messy.
Messy hands = messy husband. It's a given. A mathematical law.


A review is coming tonight - a past due review that I intended to post before December because it makes a great gift for children aged 3-7. It's a short, sweet review of games that get played with a lot around my house.

I accidentally flashed LOTS of cleavage at the VBS conference. Great story. I even have a picture to back it up. I'm not posting it until I figure out how to edit it.

The dreaded day came. One of my children said "Come look at this before I flush it." My dainty Princess Honor insisted I would want to see. Perhaps the most frightening thing about this is that she was right. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

And if you saw me on Facebook, you know what dreadful thing happened after this exchange.

We finished watching the BBC production of Robin Hood. There are 2 seasons available on DVD and we watched them through Netflix. Season 3 is still airing on television, so it will be a long while. Until then, I'll be watching Richard Armitage on North and South....Netflix Instant Play. I LOVE Lucy Griffiths, the actress playing Marian. She is beautiful and very talented. I love that she is not stick thin or perfect. She has a curvy figure that was not downplayed by the creators. Huge applause.

I dragged my behind out of bed at 4:45 this morning to work out at the Y from 5:00-6:00 in a P90X class. It was hilarious and sad all at once. We were supposed to do push-ups and pull-ups in variations for the entire hour. I did girly push-ups the entire time and we didn't have a pull-up bar or I'd have been all over that one.


yeah, right.

I used resistance bands and was very thankful the Y didn't have pull-up bars.

The class spans 3 months and supposedly, I"ll be totally "ripped" if I continue. I'm not so certain I want to be "ripped", especially if it requires feeling "ripped" during the ripping process. I'm seriously considering yoga or pilates. I have a pilates video somewhere in this house that I used to enjoy. Somewhere. Looking for it could be a workout in itself.


I seriously owe y'all a recipe for Blueberry Pillows. It's coming.

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wedogmomma said...

nice to have you back...and I'm alternately laughing at and applauding your morning workout! Just make sure you don't 'rip' any necessary equipment!

Lawanda said...

Ahh. I think I hurt myself laughing at this Catch Up post :)

Jenni said...

LOL! As I scrolled down to that photo of Chris, I thought, "Oh, which one of the boys is that again?" Then I noticed a little five o'clock shadow and realized your boys aren't that old. Something about that expression and the chocolate all over his face makes him look very much like a kid, though.

As for the VBS flashing, just be glad you have lots of cleavage to show! I wouldn't necessarily say, "Flaunt it if you've got it," at least not in this situation, but hey, at least you've got it;o)

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