Monday, March 9


My marvelous mom-in-law is blogging! Check her out!

I've been blessed with an amazing MIL. She has been nothing but encouragement and support to me since day one - well, long before day one even. I lucked out. Her coolness is even more amazing when you consider that she is the most tidy woman I have ever met and I am a distinct pack-rat. Chris used to joke that his dirty clothes never had a chance to hit the floor - she had his them in the washing machine before he could finish completely taking them off. My dirty clothes have never been deprived of floor time.

She must have been worried that her son would starve when she sent him out to marry the misfit I am. At some point, she must surely have been concerned that I would lose her grandbaby in the laundry piles. Then again, maybe not. I have never once felt judged by her. Just loved.

She's taught me and inspired me. The only thing she's shorted me on is the ability to crack a good MIL joke like the rest of the world. It's worth it, though.

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Nezzy said...

Bless you my dear, you are too kind. Love Ya, Mom

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