Saturday, March 7


The boys were thrilled that we had another opportunity to review a software program. This time, we added computer time to the schedule to make room for SpellQuizzer by TedCo Software, a simple but very handy program that has saved me some time and hassle.

The idea is simple: Using a cheapo-microphone, I record the week's spelling words and my silly sentences to go with each word. This takes less than five minutes. Another option is to import spelling lists from online. This takes less than one minute. You can also export lists you create so they can be shared with others. If you don't have a microphone, you can type in a definition or reminder phrase instead.

The student can then sit down and start a quiz. For a quiz, the student listens to the word and then types it in. If they miss it, the correct spelling is shown in comparison to the spelling they gave and then they go on. At the end of the quiz, the student is given the opportunity to re-quiz on any missed words. After a week of quizzes, the student is ready for their spelling test by Friday. So easy!

Using All About Spelling for our spelling program, we didn't necessarily have a weekly spelling list, but it was very handy for review. I also tried something a little different with it. I entered our Latin words into the program for vocabulary review. I wasn't concerned about them actually spelling the words correctly, but they could tell if they were giving the correct translation. This was oh-so nice. The only downside was that I didn't get nearly as much Latin review in since I didn't have to keep quizzing them....once to enter the words online and once again on Friday for our test.

The cost of the program is $29.95 and it comes with a full guarantee. I think it is worth it, especially if you have multiple kids and multiple spelling lists.

The creator, Dan Hite, is very helpful and friendly. He is actively involved with keeping up the program. It isn't a fancy program, but it doesn't need to be. It is intended to give spelling practice to students, pure and simple. I would love to see it evolve to also track a student's progress. Weekly student reports would be wonderful!

You can view online demos here. Give it free try here. For other thoughts on this product, check out The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Crew!

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