Wednesday, April 8

Quick Catch Up

I have a new camera! My sweet-cheeks surprised me with one and I'm trying to learn how to use it. Picasa still hates me and I'm ready to give up. Anyone know of another program that will let me just click and blog instead of uploading photo by photo?

I've had a massive eye infection this past week and haven't posted because I couldn't see the screen. I still have a massive eye infection and my face is literally pressed against the monitor, but one can only go so long without blogging before suffering withdrawal. I'm about to break down and have Ethan read my favorite blogs to me, but y'all aren't always G-rated, so I'm still debating that one. *grin* I just know I'm missing juicy stuff right now and it's driving me nuts.

I'm behind in reviews, I'm behind in my workouts, my bible study, my 52 books list, and my laundry. Vision or no, I'm going to have to catch up now. Time's a wastin'!


wedogmomma said...

You were missed! And wow what a To-Do list!
Wish I was closer.....I'd atleast read a book to you or something ;)

Jessica said...

i hope your eye gets better soon! my blog is always g-rated. :P

Shanna said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! I've been wondering about you. I almost emailed yesterday to see if you were okay. Then I realized it had been the same amount of time since I last posted that you had and figured your to-do list had just been as long as mine lately. Sounds like it is!

Say, didn't you go to a convention recently? Ours is next week...counting down the days.

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