Friday, May 29

Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

I did it again.

Rather than act casual with a smile and a wave, I paused with a suspicious look and asked "I know you...right?" which automatically sets me up to look like a loon and also makes people feel like they weren't worth remembering....neither of which is my goal.

You know how it is. You're on a mission. You catch someone out of the corner of your eye. Small town - you can't be rude and ignore. But again, small town, and odds are you know anyone you see out of the corner of your eye.

In this case, I thought I recognized the bubbly gal who is playing the part of the wardrobe in the play Beauty and the Beast. We had both tried out for the part of Mrs. Potts, but my voice is low and hers is incredibly high. She gets to be the opera singing Wardrobe, while I get to play Ms. Short and Stout.

So I paused. I asked. She gave a little laugh and said yes. I laughed back and said "You're the wardrobe!" Her smile switched from serene to nervous. And then I realized that no, she is instead the daughter of my son's music teacher. A friend of mine, who was STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HER. Yeah, didn't catch that. Instead I called her a wardrobe and never explained what on earth I was talking about. How do you recover that one?

For the record, they could be twins....if it weren't for a one-foot height difference that I've since realized.  And the nose ring.  

But still. While I prefer giving personal and warm greetings, letting people know they are worth my time to stop and talk to, finding out how they are doing.....I think it may be safer to just smile and wave. Worst case scenario, I don't know them and I leave them wondering how they know me.


Lawanda said...

You made me giggle!!! LOL

I still think it is better to talk to someone, even if you end up not knowing them at all. ;) They'll forgive you ;)

wedogmomma said...

Hilarious.....and the Madagascar reference only a momma could appreciate....I blame it on the kids for sucking brain cells out of us ;).........or maybe for distracting us so often!

Either way I have WONDERFUL facial recognition and ZERO name recollection so I feel your pain....

Shanna said...

I can so relate. I started a new bible study this week and took my group roster home to actually study their names. It wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't the second time I was in a study with many of them (and of course they remember my name). I'm not kidding when I say there will have to be flashcards involved.

Jenni said...

Oh gosh! I always do this. I think I have a very good memory for faces and in Wichita and the surrounding area you just see the same faces over and over. I get to thinking I know everyone even though it might just be that we shop at the same places. At the same time, I think I'm one of those people that just blends in and doesn't get noticed. People don't remember seeing or meeting me. Now after having my fill of people looking at me like I'm crazy, I often pretend I don't see people I think I know until they wave or say hello to me. Funny thing is, I've noticed other people do it, too. Sometimes I see this little game going on. I furtively glance their way and then look past them when they feel my eyes on them. When they think I'm not looking, they sneak a peek in my direction. Then we both rush to find something down a different aisle in opposite directions so we can avoid the situation altogether and I never do figure out how I know them or even if I know them.

Now, give me a name and a face together just once, and I think I will always know or at least be able to figure it out later. They still won't remember me, though. I'm the invisible woman.

It's a super power I would love having if it would work when I want it to. It only seems to be on when I don't want it and never when I want to be sneaky taking pictures (so people don't become self concious) or when I do something really embarrassing. No, when I want invisibility, I have neon signs instead.

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