Monday, June 22


Eat to Live
rating: C

It was interesting. Skewed but interesting. The data backing it up was flawed and lacking in background information.

Good Calories, Bad Calories
rating: A

Background information and then some! This is full of studies, shared with easy to follow explanations. Along with the ginormous amount of data comes the whys and hows, awakening my inner conspiracy-theorist. Plain and simple: Real food = good, processed food = bad. But it so sad and fascinating to read the history of the science surrounding nutrition, beginning in the early 1900's.

Real Food
rating: A

Speaking of real, this book shares the same consensus of Good Calories, Bad Calories except this one reads more like a love story to food. It was a great read. I would recommend starting with this book and if you feel even remotely skeptical, read the GCBC book next. And if you're not skeptical, read GCBC anyway because it is very interesting.

A Proper Pursuit
rating: B

This one has nothing to do with food, in case you thought I had a theme going. It was pure fluff. Usually, Lynn Austin's books are deep and thought-provoking fiction. This one was mind-candy. I enjoyed it, very much so, but it didn't take long AT ALL to figure out the final page and the answer to the heroine's unsolved mysteries. Still, it was well written and contained great characters.

Duty and Desire
rating: B

This is the 2nd installment in A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman. This was a great book, but not when put in the context of the Pride and Prejudice story. Basically, this story is filler for a span of time in Jane Austen's original where we aren't privy to Darcy's goings-on. The plot has nothing to do with the Pride and Prejudice storyline whatsoever, though it is a good read. Pamela Aiden's Darcy seemed very much like the Darcy Austen fans know and love, she captured him well in the first book. This Darcy seemed like a different character. A fine character, but not the same. I'm hoping for a return to the original in the 3rd and final book.

My ratings are truly pointless. I either loved it, liked it, or hated it. If it was only okay, I didn't finish more than two chapters. The ones I hated, I most likely had a love/hate relationship with or else I wouldn't have finished them either. The Good Earth. Hated that one. But I couldn't put it down. I read it like a starving woman, but my feverish reading was peppered with sounds of disgust and outrage. So how does one put an A, B, C rating on something like that??


Lawanda said...

I know what you mean as to the Love/Hate thing with books. I have read books that I loathe because of the contents, but HAD to finish because it was a good story!!! One recently was Hunger by Michael Grant, it is a Gone novel, the second in a series of 8. (Series of 8!! Gah!)

Shanna said...

The Good Earth was required reading my freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL! I'm pretty sure I was disgusted with it then as well.

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