Friday, June 26

Molly's Digest for July

I just finished the July edition of Molly's Money-Saving Digest from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. This is my first time reading this publication and I enjoyed it! It is entitled Frugal Fashion, but it was not just about clothing. There were several entries with a generosity theme with emphasis on hospitality and contributions and the root of generosity: thankfulness. Great tips were included for fostering an attitude of thankfulness in our children, too. Some sewing projects were shared, as well as a free pattern. Most of the frugal fashion ideas focused on thrift store and yard sale shopping. They encouraged readers who may be new to the idea to give it a try, with great pictures and examples of what you might accomplish for the effort.

Yard sales comprise 75% of our budget, so this was not news to me, but it is still exciting to read about someone else's great 'discoveries'. My tastes run much richer than my budget, so we discovered the joy of yard sales years ago. It's not that I enjoy digging through other people's junk, but I enjoy spending $0.50 on a Gap dress instead of $40.00. I would never be able to justify buying clothes from Banana Republic, but I enjoy having them in my closet. Yard sales make it possible for me to clothe the kids in great outfits while still being able to FEED them from the same pay check.

I'm glad this idea was shared with other moms through this publication. They helped show how worth it that extra effort truly is.

So is it worth $4.95? Perhaps. Those of us reading it are already on a tight budget or we wouldn't be reading it, right? Did the information in the publication teach me how to save $4.95 in another area of my budget? In this case, no, because it was something I already knew. But if you were new to thrift shopping, YES, you would definitely learn how to save $4.95. Good grief, you'd learn how to save $495.00, easily. You can browse the contents of the e-book before buying to get an idea for how useful you will find it.

The July edition isn't available yet, but here is a link to June's eBook for a glimpse at what it's all about.

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Molly Green said...

Thank you for your honest review! I appreciate it.

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