Wednesday, June 24

My Pollyana

Honor and I had a day out just for us......starting with a trip to the Dentist. Honor had 2 teeth crowned and 1 removed. She numbs up about as well as her Daddy (not well) and it hurt her. She didn't fight them or anything - barely squirmed - but she moaned and whimpered and just broke my heart. When we got to the car, she climbed in my lap and cried for a good 15 minutes. We went to Target to pick up some Tylenol, but she got distracted with the toy section and her pain quickly subsided. We don't do the tooth fairy, but mom and dad give $1 per tooth if we pull it, $2 if they pull it, and $3 if the dentist has to pull it (encouragement to rot your teeth?) Honor had a blast deciding what she wanted to buy with her money. We spent an hour in Target and finally settled on a very small pony with a birthday cake. Next, we spent an hour in the library while Honor played on the computer and then enjoyed soup in the cafe. She drank a mocha slushee on the way home and conked out halfway home to the music of Beauty and the Beast.

Hopping out of the car, Honor said, "I had such a great day!"

"Honey, you had a tooth pulled today...."

"Yeah. That wasn't my favorite part.

.....but the shopping was fun!"

She is so quick to forgive, forget, shrug off the bad while embracing every glimmer of good. She has a Pollyana outlook, always finding something for which to be thankful. She's a joy and a delight.

And it WAS a great day!
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Nezzy said...

Kudos Honor! What a little trooper she is.

Shanna said...

I wish you could bottle some of that "half-glass full" attitude and send it my way!

Speaking of sending things, I haven't mailed your books yet...procrastinator that I am...I promise I will as soon as I can get to the post office and will email you when I do.

Jenn said...

Shanna, don't dare worry about that - I don't need them for another 4 years. We're good. Sidenote - I love your schoolroom stations. Are you using workboxes? I'm thinking about trying them this year.

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