Friday, August 28

Gearing up

We start school on Monday. Ack! I'm not ready. But the kids are begging and I don't want to put it off just because I've dawdled. There are just so many wonderful products and paths we could take this year that I am overwhelmed with the overflowing wealth of choices. I have the weekend to narrow down a path for us. I'm praying continuously to be led where God wants us to go with our lessons this year. It is a top priority for me to put this in His hands instead of following my own nose.

I am incorporating workboxes this year. The girls are joining our school day full time this year and I've never juggled four students at once before and thought workboxes could be a help in this area. I'll do a blog post on that one soon enough.

The boys will start with a little copywork each day to keep up their penmanship as we also add keyboarding to the mix. I am very excited about this copywork ebook I found from Fortunately For You. It is called Pockets of Fall and has excellent copywork quotes and verses pertaining to working and reaping.

That's as far as I've gotten this evening. I'm feeling very unproductive, but it's not for a lack of trying. I've had a pile of schoolwork surrounding every inch of my dining room for a solid month now and I'm slowly whittling my way through the options. I'll update as we progress.


Ginger@chirgies said...

You've seen this website, right?
You can create your own worksheet and choose: cursive, print, copy, or trace, if you want the dashed middle line to show ....there is a lot of other great stuff at that site too.

I've typed out the bible verse we're memorizing and the kids can copy it out.

Nezzy said...

Here's wishing you and the fab four a wonderful school year. I am confident it will be GREAT!!!

Mel said...

You should post your curriculum/book list once you make all the final decisions.:) We started last week; it really has been so much better than last year so far. Last year being our first year, was so tough. We are enjoying it so much can do it! Just keep whittling away at those piles.....after all, I have to agree that you are the homeschool guru.:)

Jenn said...

Ha! My friends call me the homeschool Nazi. lol. I have invested hours upon hours upon years upon hours in reading and researching and I hope so strongly that someone can benefit from this useless knowledge stuffed into my head. I'll be sure to post it soon.

wedogmomma said...

I am with you on ALL of it!
We started this week...if only to orient ourselves with the scheduling....but I'm STILL deciding on some curriculum!
I have 3 all of a sudden this year...and the workboxes are a GOD Send! I spent the summer collecting manipulatives/games, etc to change out in the bins...and they are SO excited when it is their 'time' to check out their box :D
Doesn't their eagerness make it ALL worth it?
Placing a time limit on my son's copywork has been a good addition to that part of our work. He is trying for his 'BEST' in that 10-15 minute window....and even if he doesn't finish...we move on. It puts a little competitive spirit in there as well as a goal for him to know that 'It's DONE'...whew.

You can do it! You're not in this alone! And I was just praising God today that NONE of this has to be MY idea...please, please Lord, guide us! :D

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