Friday, August 28

Sniffle Sniffle Sob and Giggle

My little girl, getting not so little, got her first big girl haircut. I keep glancing at her and doing a double-take. It catches me off guard that I have a girl this old. I've clung to her toddler-hood so much, but she's nearly six and there are no denial tactics strong enough to keep this fact from being obvious. My baby is growing up.

I started going through pictures to show a "before" the haircut photo and went from crying to laughing hysterically. I laughed so loudly, it woke the boys and they had to come see what was up.

Allow me to share, my Honor:

Yes, that's the one.

A beautiful child, truly.

So beautiful she takes my breath away.

Especially when she doesn't know the camera is on her.

But ask the girl to smile for the camera, and something happens....

As beautiful as she is, the child is just not photogenic.

It's a fact.

She is so breathtaking to see in person. But photos do not agree with her. It is soooooo not fair that her sister can drag herself out of bed and look a mess.....but still take a beautiful picture every single time.

Even with camping sweat and smore goo, the child can't help but take a good picture.

But Honor gets her photogenic qualities from her mother.

And she's a great sport about it.

It's a miracle I achieved this haircut picture.

But there she is.

My beautiful big girl with the big girl haircut.

She's begged for a short "do" for quite a while, but Daddy always said no. When she asked me again at the hair salon, I said "Sure, if you can convince your Daddy." (knowing he'd never say yes, I felt it was safe to let him be the bad guy instead of me) Chris walked in and said "Sure!" And there went the hair. more time, because it hardly seems real and must be looked at again:
(and because it makes me laugh instead of cry that time with my baby girl is passing far too quickly)

My beautiful alien princess.

*sidenote* Is it my imagination or did picasa shrink my pictures and turn them all fuzzy? These look so clear on my computer but not at all once loaded. What's up with that?

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Jenni said...

Honor's new "do" looks great on her! I can identify with the non-photogenic thing, too. There's a reason I'm always behind the camera instead of in front of it. It doesn't matter whether I'm looking at the camera or even know my picture is being taken, either. Pictures of me almost never turn out well. SIL used to have the same problem as Honor, too. Her pics came out great as long as she didn't know the camera was on her. If she knew, she would try to smile "real big" for the camera and ruin it. She couldn't do a real smile on purpose. They were always the biggest, cheesiest grins.

Nezzy said...

I am laughing and feeling nostalgic at the same time. Gotta love that mad,mad monkey smile. I always try to "click" when the little doll is unaware.

I have NEVER been the product of good pictures. I think God gives those who are not photogenic the ability to capture great pics of others.

'Love Honors new do even though she looks so mature sporting it. I have beautiful grandchildren!!!

Jessica said...

my, my, what a beautiful girl! i don't consider myself that photogenic either. Every once in awhile a good one will pop up, but they are few and far between. So far the kids seem to have been spared this, but it's always best to capture them unaware. It shows their true little personalities.

Joanne said...


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