Monday, August 31

First day of school

Sarah Grace: PreK/K

Honor: K/1st

Ethan (Ike) 7th

Joel: 5th

I start each year with a mini-bio of each child. I get their picture, their likes/dislikes, their goals, their height and weight, and their signatures. According to my records, all of my children shrunk an inch this year. Ahem. Apparently, I measured or wrote wrong last year.

Sarah's signature progressed from a single dot to a series of squiggles that actually resembled her name.

We had a succesful schoolday. It was awesome. We implemented workboxes and it is working and working WELL. Joel, who hated school last year and was dreading starting, told me he loved it and that it was not only the best first day of school we've ever had, it wast he best any day of school EVER. I really will explain those workboxes soon.

Last night, Sarah was begging to do more school at 8:00 at night. She never wanted to stop. As we got ready for bed, she asked if we could go do it all over again right then. Today she told me: "I'm going to teach school to my kids when I'm a grown up." My heart melted.

In the midst of the schooling, we discovered mold in our hall closet yesterday morning. We had smelled something musty but couldn't see any cause. Thank goodness for smell because we decided to pull up the carpet just in case. Mold. Today, we discovered mold under the washing machine floor and behind the bathroom wall. Lots of fixing to do. I am so glad these days have been bathed in prayer. We are schooling while surrounded by the contents of our hall closet and laundry room. It is a MESS and a little claustrophobic, but the kids don't seem to notice.

Did I mention the termites in the boys' room?

There's a lot going on and I have to stay on top of these workboxes, so I'm feeling a bit strung out, but I have an incredible peace through it and am SO ENCOURAGED that the kids are loving school and I know that all will be well. The mess is temporary and eventually the house will run out of stuff to screw with. Until then, I'm off to do all of the laundry in the house because it will probably be a week until I can use the washer again after tonight.

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Nezzy said...

The work-boxes are awesome Jenn, great ideal. Oh that Gracie, peaches and cream. Love Honors new do, it makes her look soooo grown-up.
Ike, well he's just one handsome dude. Joels character is really showing here. Your doing something very right girl. Makes a mom/grandma just want to burst her buttons but that would be obscene. God bless your school year.

Jenni said...

Hooray for a great first day! As for the mold and termites, I think I see some science lessons there:o)

wedogmomma said...

Sooo cool! Way to go Teach'!
I adore your daughters comment!
It took us 7 days of actual schooling before I got a "Can we do school again tomorrow, Mom...I love it!"
Whew...that was a while in coming but SO worth it!
God bless your renovations!
And good tips on the bios...I take the pics...but never thought to do the bios....and PS- I'll double check my measurements ;)

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