Wednesday, September 2

Day 3....from the trenches

Wow. Day 3: not so easy.

We discovered more mold. The utility room and bathroom will both have to be gutted. The hot water heater will have to be replaced. I'm apparently allergic and will be of no help. In fact, the kids and I will move out for a few days while Chris fixes the mold problem. Again. This is the 2nd time this year.

The kids all think we had a great school day, so don't tell them differently. But between you and stunk.

All four wanted my attention at the exact same time. I couldn't complete a sentence to one child without another child walking over and interrupting. I want to give them each my undivided attention but there isn't enough of me to go around! While advising Ethan, Sarah colored her match-the-correct-color page red. All of it. All red. Even though I'd told her to wait before doing anything else. While helping Sarah, Honor skipped the dot-to-dot numbers practice to trace her alphabet letters though I had just told her to WAIT and do them while I watched to be sure we were doing them correctly. "We" weren't doing them correctly and had lots of erasing to do. Joel kept having trouble with his math. Again. And again. Though I told him to stop working on his math until I could sit down and discuss it with him. But he kept plowing on.....until I mentioned that his questions really should have been covered in the text he was supposed to read before tackling the workbook problems. Textbook? Oh, yeah!


And Ethan, my dear boy, mailed himself several letters. His birthday was in June. He wrote thank you notes. And then we stopped school for the summer. His thank you notes were apparently in his grammar folder and never mailed. I discovered them and had him address and stamp the envelopes as part of his grammar assignment yesterday. Today, I opened the mailbox to see several stamped cards addressed to.....Ethan. He put the addresses in the return address corner....he'd forgotten how to address an envelope. So......if you gave the boy a present and never received a thank you, my apologies. It will get there.....eventually. We hope.


wedogmomma said...

Wow....and wow....yeah....I've had those days....almost...
I think that's my greatest pet peeve is everyone talking at once. But I'm a meaner mom...I growl....and then I get sad faces looking at me with puppy dog eyes...*sigh*
praying for you to NOT be like me.
And for your 'relocation'

Jessica said...

sorry your day kinda sucked. (((big hug)))

we saw the time traveler's wife at the new mg theater. bring tissues, it made me cry. i didn't hear too many complaints from dan but i know he tolerated it just for me. :)

Jenn said...

We saw that Sunday! I'd read the book and bawled my eyes out. Knowing what happened, I STILL cried at the movie. Chris even shed a teeny tiny little tear. His first movie tear that I've ever seen. He must have been immune-compromised or something.

Nezzy said...

Oh Jenn, I am so sorry about the creepy mold. The gut and remodel thing wasn't even remotely fun with just the two of us. A household of six.....WoW!

Hope your day goes smoothly today. Scream for help or candy if you need. I'm throwing blessings your way.........

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