Monday, August 10

Like oil and water

As I said before, summers and blogs don't mix well. But I know that you know this because you aren't blogging much either. In fact, this post will probably be here at least 3 days before you find time to run across it. And I don't blame you one bit. You're busy! And that's okay....I haven't read your blog in at least 3 days either. Not because I don't want to! But because there just isn't any time. I have been on the computer a LOT, but rarely in the blog realm. We're setting up a website (like I've been talking about doing for years,) creating new notebooking pages and forms and such, and researching curriculum choices. In less than one month, the girls' will join our homeschool adventure and I need to be ready. So I've sat, with facebook open, trying to prepare in the snatches between house projects and play practices. The play is over - whew! - and the house projects are....not even half over. But it's time to get down to business, so blogging will resume shortly as I share our family adventures; keeping me accountable and sharing what we learn along the way.

That, and it's a great stress reliever to jot it down at the end of the day after the kids have gone to bed. I can look back and laugh or look back and see what we really did accomplish.

So, in a few weeks, school will start and I will begin blogging. Oddly enough, new blog posts will also mean LESS time on the computer. I'll miss checking in on facebook 10 times a's become the old wtm board for me and I missed that!

Product reviews coming this week and then.....a new blog site. This one doesn't fit. I had someone mention a while back that they thought the URL sounded racist. I certainly was never referring to race with that title, but my over-active conscience won't let it rest. Also, it refers to a journey God was taking me through. Though the reference might be very vague to others, God and I knew what I meant. I've learned lots and am on to new lessons and it just feels like a new title is called for.

I have no idea what that title is though. I have some ideas, but am not feeling terribly clever lately, so more ideas are appreciated. Really. Please share.


Jenni said... white trash a race? Perhaps it's classist? LOL, whatever. I always found your URL amusing.

Jessica said...

glad to see you back on, although i haven't been on much myself lately. but that's because i am forced to live in the DARK AGES and have no computer at home. :) when school starts i will get my daily internet fix and blog regularly. miss you!

Mel said...

I miss you....and have missed your blog posts lately. Can't wait to see what your bloglift will look like.:) School already? Do we have to? Wahhhhhh!!!!:) Naw, I'm jk; I've been getting ready too; in fact, this week is crunch time.:)LOL

Nezzy said...

Good to see you up and going again. We have missed your musing of thoughts and words. I've just started to get traffic on mine so I have forced myself to write in the wee hours of the morn. YAWN!!! Where has the summer gone? Ya'll have a fun productive school year with your children. God bless.

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