Monday, September 14


Don't be too impressed with Friday night's "holy" dream. Saturday night, I dreamed about snakes all night. One bit Sarah and then I was chased bya hell-hound. I have no idea what a hell-hound is, but that's what we kept calling it in the dream. It kinda looked like a cheetah to me, but whatever.

Last night, I dreamed I was addicted to cigarettes and had to go to a detox camp in a traveling RV where the counselor tortured us in the basement. How a traveling RV can have a basement, I have no idea, but it made sense in the dream.

I don't dream! I hardly ever dream and have no idea what's up. But I'd really like some sleep now, please.


Andrea said...

Oh man, those are the worst dreams ever! I know if you were dreaming about snakes, you were running. Those running dreams make you feel like you've not had any rest because you've been running all. night. long. *sigh*

Jessica said...

first, what have you been eating before bed? if i eat right before bed it always makes me have crazy dreams.

second, are you pregnant? (!!!) the craziest dreams i've ever had have been when i was pregnant. :P

Nezzy said...

Goodness girl, snakes, hell-hounds,cancer sticks and injured youngens' what kind of bedtime stories have you been reading? Welcome to my world sounds like some of my hot flash menomares. Pop over to my blog and read about my birth. Love ya

Michael McMullen said...

An RV with a basement. Ha! That's awesome. Not so awesome is...pretty much everything else in that dream. I hate scary dreams.

jenniferkwarren said...

I know exactly what is going on! Well, maybe not exactly, because I'm not there :) . You are displaced! (At least I am assuming you still are). Chris is finding mold throughout the house. You're having to spend money on that, instead of keeping it in savings or spending it on something you'd rather spend it on. You're starting school. You've got kids that are changing life stages - pubescent Ethan and Sarah starting school full time. You're a busy lady with a LOT going on right now. (as a side note I was thinking of you the other day. I was thinking of how you do a lot and how busy you are, and what came out -or stayed in- my mental chatter was 'She's a busy super mom!' Now, what I was thinking of was 'super busy mom', but then I giggled to myself and thought that 'busy super-mom' fit better). So you're BUSY. A LOT is going on right now. It is normal to have crazy vivid dreams when big changes are happening. Happens to me all the time. And I have to stop and think 'what the heck is going on' - almost always it is a time when I have a lot on my mind and big things are happening.
I briefly looked into dream interpretation for snakes, they've showed up for me too in the past. There was some pretty cooky stuff about that - all over the map - sexuality, sin, fear, wisdom, medicine. But this one seemed pretty logical and straight forward.
Maybe you should quick journal them as soon as you wake up, and perhaps at night you can journal feelings/fears/concerns and see if there is some correlation. Only a thought, because I do know you are a busy super-mom ;) . Love ya!

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