Saturday, September 12


I don't generally dream much, but I just woke up from two in the same night.

For the first, my neighbors loaned me one of their spare houses for the night while mine was being repaired. When I arrived, my sister, Misty, was there to surprise me. She was happy. Life was good. We had a girls' night until several women in their mid-40's rang the bell. They were on a road trip and were looking for somewhere to hang out for a while. They chose our place because Sonic was closed.

segue into next dream: I spent the rest of the night looking up Bible references for my dad who was filling in for the next night's evening service at church. He wanted to share all the verses that referred to the Bible itself.

Next dream: After giving the verse references to Bruce, I spent the next morning frantically trying to get ready because I was supposed to be filling in for the MORNING service at church. I arrived at the church parking lot and remembered that I hadn't written a sermon. I grabbed a piece of scratch paper and wrote: WORSHIP. In, Down, Up, Out. As the congregation sang, I scrambled in the church office with a pantyhose emergency and worked through that sermon.

Worship: much more than music, something we do with our lives. We worship God through different avenues, but they all start with "In, Down, Up, and Out." First we look inward at who we are, which inevitably makes us look down (if we're being honest) in humility and repentance. Next we look Up to the One who makes us clean and whole, Who forgives all sin and makes us new. Next, we embrace this Love and go "out". We share it with others. Even when we're not preaching the gospel, our actions, expressions, and words always have the opportunity to reach out and share love, which comes from God.

How I planned on making that sermon last more than 5 minutes, I have no idea. And how did they talk me into preaching? I'm not keen on women pastors. I woke up missing my sister more than ever and now my heart's aching a bit. was a good dream.


Jenni said...

I don't know, it's a pretty good sermon for being written in a dream!

Nezzy said...

Hey Dream Girl, want to help me in kids church tomorrow? My help bailed on me. I'm sure you could DREAM up something good!!!!

Andrea said...

Good sermon. You sure do have busy dreams!!

Journaling Woman said...

First time on your blog - nice one. We have something in common, I'm a hillbilly too but an Irish hillbilly.

Dreams can be very productive, but sleeping not so much when I dream like that.

wedogmomma said...

Those were vivid! You definitely have ALOT going on in your REAL induce such chaotic dreams!
I love that your heart is overflowing with yes, even Sonic ;)

Misty said...

Aaawwww! I miss you too. Are you sure your not pregnant. I get crazy dreams when I'm pregnant. Go take a test and get back to me. :) Love ya.

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