Tuesday, September 22

Hopelessly Devoted

This morning, during our family devotions, we were discussing Philippians 4:6 - "Be careful in nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Chris explained that we're not to struggle to fix our own situations, but to take our problems to God. We're not supposed to work on all the easy things and take only the hard things to God. We're also not supposed to sit around and do nothing while asking God to go fix it. Chris said, "So if I want a refill on my cup of coffee, should I sit back and say 'God, I need more coffee'?"

Sarah, laughing in her rumbly monotone, piped up, "Noooo! You send the boys to get it!" Chris chuckled and started to speak when Sarah said, "Or......you could maybe get it yourself...."

We all chuckled and Chris attempted to get back to the point of the devotion again when Honor, in her fanciful butterfly voice, piped up, "OR!!! You could buy a robot from a scientist and program it to get your coffee for you!!!!"

I am so glad God appreciates Random. Our morning devotions just wouldn't be the same otherwise.

Lend an ear?


Nezzy said...

So right! We let our problems snowball into something overwhelmingly huge before we take to God. We mere mortals are a silly bunch aren't we?

The kids comments cracked me up. Enjoy your day. Love ya

Jessica said...

i would love to have a robot to do stuff for me. :)

Andrea said...

ROFL! Kids have the best answers, don't they?

Journaling Woman said...

Kids have the best theology. God made the children because he needs to laugh sometimes with all of the adult foolery.

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