Thursday, September 24

tlapd #1 "Sexy Pirate"

My pirate bakes cookies.

So does his assistant.

My pirate washes dishes.

And my pirate fires a trebuchet.

I really love my pirate.

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wedogmomma said...

I LOVE the apple colored cabinets :D
I see the resemblance on your you love it the way I love Red?

Jenn said...

Ha! Thank you! No one else gets these cabinets. It won't make for a good resell, but it makes me smile. I love red and yellow. LOVE them. That will probably be my next kitchen.

Nezzy said...

'ats my boy. Mama raised a good son.

I know ya'll have frightened delivery men but what about your neighbors? Or are they just used to strange happenings around your house?

Did you know that they have celebrations around for TLAPD. One up around St.Louis, they say it's like walking onto a movie scene. Everyone who enters dresses the part, talks the talk and walks the walk.

Love ya!

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