Monday, October 19

Oh, have we been having fun!

We received a package from Timberdoodle and everyone in the family has been enjoying it in a big way. We've received packages from Timberdoodle before and they are always a hit. Even if it is a "boring" homeschool text, the kids are thrilled because Timberdoodle sends stickers with every order. Who doesn't love stickers?

This package was different from any package we've received from them before. Our Timberdoodle box contained a bucket of.......Bubber. Have you heard of Bubber yet? This was new to me. The bucket felt as if it could be empty, but upon opening, we discovered a modelling compound that is nearly indescribable.
Originating from Sweden, it is called the lightest modelling compound on earth, and I believe it. Yet as light as it is, it can hold it's shape in an amazing way. It is soft and silky, yet crumbly and dry. It isn't cold and clammy like play-dough, rather, it is warm and nearly feels like it is melting in your hands....but it's not. My four year old described it well. She said it feels "like warm snow."

We were also given several great accessories to go with our new Bubber:
The Castle Mold Set, which would also work great with Moonsand. The Spoon KnifeAnd my favorite, the Mirette. This little tool is very inexpensive, at only $2.25, but it is so perfect for any clay, play-dough, or bubber type activities.

We all played with it for hours the first day. The kids have asked to play with it again every day. My BIG kids have asked daily! And the biggest kids in the house (my husband and myself) have enjoyed it right along with them.

It forms well, but doesn't work in more detailed molds because it just isn't heavy enough to come out well. But when compressed into a simple mold, it comes out looking like a foam noodle and feels just as firm! There is something so tactile-pleasing about squeezing this stuff, cutting it, and shaving slivers off of bubber-towers with the mirette. I was not surprised then to read that Timberdoodle describes it as being "an excellent source for tactile stimulation, improving gross- and fine-motor skills in a satisfyingly gentle way."

So now the really important parts: Cost & Clean-up

Cost is $10.50 for a 4 oz bucket of Bubber. One 4-oz bucket kept all four of my children playing contentedly without argument...and even sharing some with mom and dad. Ours was white, but you can also order it in 5 other colors. Keep in mind, Bubber never dries out. So when you sweep under the table the next day and find a piece of's not trash! Big plus.

It is an easily crumbled product and it is sooooo fun to crumble, however, the pieces don't smear into the carpet and they vacuum very easily. We use a large cookie sheet with raised edges to keep most of it contained. I don't do it because I'm worried about clean-up, I just want to keep every crumb of this amazing stuff so we can keep playing with it for a long, long time.

If you are somehow able to resist the allure of Bubber, I highly encourage you to still check out the website. Tiberdoodle is a family company that I am happy to give my business. The Deffinbaugh's and their five children (now grown and working in the company, too) make every order a personal experience. Competitive pricing, Painless return policy, Extremely fast shipping every time I've done business with them....And don't forget the stickers.

For other reviews on this product, check out Mamabuzz.

This product was provided to me by Timberdoodle in return for agreeing to share my honest opinion in this blog review. Trust me, you'd know if I didn't like it.


Nezzy said...

WoW, what a great review. They need you on their payroll. The stuff sounds great, my Sunday School class would love this. We have trouble with Play Dough drying out. So glad it doesn't take much to entertain ya'll.

Have a great day! Love Ya

Andrea said...

Sounds very interesting! I'm going to have to check that stuff out!

Tracey said...

I reviewed this product as well - my two daughters loved it! I thought clean-up was easier than it is with play dough for sure.

Mel said...

Just to let you know I left you an award on my blog.:)

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