Tuesday, November 3

Bunches o' books

I haven't given up on the 52 books thing, I'm just sadly behind on sharing my stuff.

I think this is all of it:

Scarlet Pimpernel
We listened to this in the car while driving to play practice all summer long. The kids were enthralled and we sat in the driveway many evenings to listen 'just a little longer'. I can't believe I went so long without reading this story. It was fantastic and I'm now madly in love with Sir Percy Blakeney. Spies, danger, intrigue, romance, and daring escapes.....the book is perfect. The romance reached over the top when Sir Percy crawled and wept over the ground where his wife had walked away. I believe he even kissed the ground if I remember correctly. At this point, my 12 year old son raised his terrified eyebrows and looked at me as if to ask "People do this?!?" I assured him he would not be expected to kiss anyone's footprints .

Princess Bride
I have watched the movie a thousand times but had never read the book. It was marvelous. So much fun! I was amazed how similar the book and movie are. So often the movie changes so many things. In this case, many of the lines in the movie were plucked word for word from the book. Some things were left out of the movie, understandably, making this even more fun to read.

The author, while talented, is a pig. Or, rather, he pretends to be one. He speaks unkindly about his wife and son, but the truth is he doesn't have a son. He has a wife (not the one mentioned in the book) and two daughters. The preface is as fictitious as the book. Clever stuff.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
I just don't know what to say here. There are so many places that had me laughing out loud at the subtle adjustments to the P&P text. Others had me cringing at the gore. At one point, Elizabeth strangled a man with his own intestines. More cringe-worthy was the different personality attributed to Elizabeth. She's a hard cookie in this book. At one point she is asked to show mercy; her reply is that God has not, so why should she? Truly, a different character than the original.

Blue Umbrella
Review found here.

Guys Are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti
Review found here.

Redefining Beautiful
Review found here. (though I still need to finish reading this before I can officially call it read in 2009.

An Apple For Eve
Wow. Anything by Kathleen Norris leaves me reeling. She has a way with words and emotions. Her descriptive powers are untouchable. When she describes a hot drive in the car in the middle of August, I find myself sweltering, though it is 40 degrees outside. She leaves me parched and there is actual relief when she mentions a stop at a roadside cafe for a refreshing glass of grapefruit juice clinking in a glass of ice. Like her other books, the story line is complicated. I'm a happy ending kind of gal, to the core, but these books are ambiguous. Kathleen Norris forces you to look at other sides of a coin. She can convince you to desire the characters to do something you personally would not morally choose. Then, she will swing back and not let you have it. The beauty of home and family is upheld and almost worshiped but it isn't a feel good road to getting there.

The cover shown is not the book I read. It was written in 1942 and I picked up a set at a library sale years ago. I'm amazed there aren't more updated printings.

You Can't Have Everything
Classic Kathleen Norris. Not my favorite of hers, but good all the same. The versions shown in the picture are the same as my copies.

Fun stuff. Lighthearted read, perfect for October. The story is of a horror author who converts to Christianity, upsetting the town which has thrived on his un-Christian persona. The town conspires to turn him away from his faith....or at least lukewarm to avoid losing their tourist industry.

Teach Yourself Visually: Sock Knitting
I read this early in the summer, but realized it never made the list. I finished one sock. Only one. It is so ugly that I know I will never wear the pair if I were to finish it. I plan to unravel the sock and make start all over. However, it's not awful and I feel much more confident about the whole business. I still had to refer to my online friends for a heel emergency and to YouTube for a tutorial on ribbing. But I'm slow that way. I think most people could probably learn well just from the book.

I'm at book #40 according to this list, but it seems as if there is more. I need to have my library list printed so I can double check. When I started this, I didn't know how it would be possible to read a book a week. I was surprised to see it fall together easily enough. Before the challenge, it was still my habit to have a few books going at once, but I just as easily fell out of the habit when busy times came and could go weeks without touching a book for pleasure. Knowing I had a challenge to keep up with kept the books on my schedule. To some, this might sound silly...taking time out for a book when there is too much to do already. But when I'm overwhelmed, I make time for a hot bath and a good book. Most of my reading is done in the tub. A hot bath with Epsom salts is good for detoxifying the system. Great detox, great relaxation, and great books = healthier mama. This is a habit I'll keep for next year.


Nezzy said...

I had to chuckle when I saw you actually read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I remembered you had pointed it out to me in Barnes and Noble.

Have a good one,Hon.

Andrea said...

Some of those sound interesting. I typically stick to Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter. Once I "caught up" with them, I moved on to Karen Kingsbury. Now I'm caught up with her too, well, except for her newest, that I have on hold at the library. :)

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