Tuesday, November 3

Tallest of Smalls

Another hit by Max Lucado. My children have loved reading Max Lucado's children's books through the years, snuggled up on the couch together. There have been many times that the children sat patiently waiting for mommy to stop crying before continuing on to the next page. His books have such beautiful messages. Some have such poignant meanings hidden just beneath the surface that make it nearly impossible not to shed at least a tear or two though they always end with a satisfied sigh. Others have such whimsical, gentle messages that leave you smiling. We've enjoyed them all.

The Tallest of Smalls falls in the latter category. It carries a similar message to the Wemmicks books and is an excellent reminder to rejoice that we are who we are....exactly as God made us to be. This is especially touching for anyone stuck in the rut of comparing themselves to others or feeling looked down on by the "in crowd". The book has a lyrical prose with a perfect cadence (I'm a stickler for rhythm) and colorful, delightful illustrations.

The Tallest of Smalls is written by Max Lucado for ages 4-7 and would make a beautiful Christmas gift for any child who has ever wondered about "fitting in".

*This book was given as a complimentary copy to Mama Buzz and reviewers, for blog tour purposes.*

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Nezzy said...

Gotta love the artwork!

Have a super great day, love ya. :o)

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