Wednesday, December 9

Feeling Crafty

I started crocheting this summer and pretty much just know two stitches, but I decided to try tackling THIS PROJECT for the girls' Christmas presents. I tried it with my cheapie yarn first and in my size, just to get an idea of how it would work.

It didn't. I make HUGE stitches and made the beginnings of an extra large slipper. I was about to rip it out when Ethan started acting goofy and put it on his head as a bonnet.

So I added some "strings" to it and made it a bonnet.

My slipper fit the doll's head perfectly.

I tried again, modifying it to fit a child, and it worked! I tried it on Sarah while she was napping. It was a tad big though. Definitely need to make it shorter than it seems necessary so that the slipper can stretch over your foot.

I crocheted it up in the fluffy yarn. It was enough to make a body crazy...for the first half. I couldn't see a single hole and had to go by feel. Even feeling my way, it was impossible to be sure if I had the right spot or not. About halfway through it, I realized it didn't matter if I messed things up because the floofiness of it all hides all mistakes.

I'll try it on them tonight while they're sleeping. If it fits, it's a go!

For child size modifications, here's what I did:

Make 8 double crochets in a ring. Pull the tail to cinch the ring together.
Slip stitch final loop into the first double crochet. (I had to look up slst)

Round #1 - Chain 2. Put two double crochets into each stitch, expanding your circle into a small bowl.

Round #2 - Chain 2. Put one DC into each stitch
This is all it took to make the size I wanted to cover the toes. I tried it on over one of the girls' shoes to know how deep to keep stitching this part. Add more rounds of sc if needed.

Round #3 - Chain 2. DC into all but the last 6 stitches.
The ignored 6 stitches will be the the part that cover the toes.

Round #4 - ? - Chain 2 and continue to DC into each stitch, flipping it around back and forth until you've reached the desire length of the slipper. Allow room for stretching and stop at the ankle bone.
I think mine took 8 rows for a toddler's size 10.

To close it up, slst both sides together from the top down to the heel.


Nezzy said...

Oh girl your way too ambitious. Slippers, socks, hats and scarfs ya make me tired and I'm the spastic one.

Have a great evening, Love ya!!!

Andrea said...

Very cute - and very funny that you can get away with trying things on them while they sleep. I could maybe do that with Jackson, but definately not Blake - he'd wake up! LOL

Shanna said...

Great job!

Yes, that fuzzy yarn is a pain to work with. But it makes for adorable slippers!! I tried bamboo yarn recently for the first time...also hard to find the holes, but it's such a nice yarn and has a wonderful, soft feel when completed.

cari4jc1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cari4jc1 said...

I'm quite impressed!

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