Tuesday, December 8

Terrestria Chronicles

If this sounds familiar, you may remember me mentioning a new book series Ethan and I reviewed, called Tales from Terrestria. We had the opportunity to read another series by the excellent author and minister, Ed Dunlop, known as Terrestria Chronicles. I am excited to find some great reads for the boys! For years, most books marketed for this age group seemed very dark and mystical. Finally, I'm finding action packed stories they like that don't include wizards and sorcery!

This allegory series is a fascinating tale with a powerful message....many messages, in fact. They are crammed full of great lessons for all ages. They are written for youth, but I enjoyed them very much and had to pause for prayer many times throughout my reading.


It is fiction, but, oh, so powerful. The story is well written and keeps you intrigued throughout, but each scenario that comes up has a different method of ministering to the heart of the reader. So many situations challenged my heart. These are truly, life-changing books. At the same time, they include a storyline interesting enough for a non-believer to enjoy. For a believer, interesting doesn't cover it; these are exciting tales.

Book one tells the tale of a boy named Josiah, a slave longing for his freedom. His freedom is purchased from the King of the land, called King Emmanuel. He is immediately adopted and taken to the castle to live and learn under the tutelage of Sir Faithful while the King is away. This book describes his lessons and adventures as he learned to walk in his new-found freedom. The tale continues on in following books, as Prince Josiah and companions are sent on dangerous missions and expeditions where they encounter giants, dragons, and much more throughout their quests. Book five beautifully conveys a tale of temptation and control. Book six reveals to our hearts a lesson of priorities and distractions. Books seven brings an allegory of Revelation, carefully and gently accomplished.

I have been so impressed with this series, and now everything that I have read from Ed Dunlop. These books are much more than entertaining. There is so much meat here. In addition to the books, there is a study guide to readers glean even deeper appreciation for the Truth offered in these books.

Right now, Dunlop Ministries is offering free shipping AND a free study guide when you purchase the set.


Nezzy said...

Yeah for the boys! I'm so happy they have a great mama who will search for good 'meaty' reads. My grandchildren are blessed! :o)

Have a great day Hon!!!

Christy said...

I save all of your recommendations because it is HARD to find books for older boys that are actually enjoyable! Layton still reads picture books but I am excited that I have a list for when he moves on.

A question from your reading list on the side...is the Ted Dekker book any good (Kiss)? Also, did you like Princess Bride?

Jenn said...

Ooh! I loved both of those! Have you seen the Princess Bride movie? It was VERY close to the movie. There were just a few extra things in the book that weren't in the movie. I didn't care for the author's forward - definitely worth skipping and diving into the story.

Christy said...

Thanks! I am going to check them out. I just started back reading Ted Dekker after a long break from him and I love the Princess Bride movie :)

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