Tuesday, December 8

Graphic Novels

I may have mentioned before that I am a book snob when it comes to my kids. I research and research until I'm certain I have the best of the best book lists for my kids assigned reading. I deeply desire for them to love quality literature. They read the books I hand them happily enough, but when they pick up a book of their own accord...they grab comic books. At first, I was devastated. I didn't even think they qualified as books. Over time, I've seen a few that have surprised me. I have come to appreciate certain qualities in them. In fact, I even volunteered to receive a set of graphic novels to review. I am so glad that I did.

Timberdoodle (one of my favorite places) offers a set of history based graphic novels! The set is called "Stories From History" and includes 11 graphic novels.


Timberdoodle actually carries quite a few different topics in Graphic Novels, including Shakespeare, Biographies, Disasters in History, and much more.

The Stories From History series we received includes:

  • Pizarro and the Incas
  • The Life of Anne Frank
  • The Building of the Great Pyramid
  • The Life of Julius Caesar
  • The Life of Christopher Columbus
  • The Race to the South Pole
  • Gladiators and the Story of the Colosseum
  • The Life of Alexander the Great
  • Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada
  • The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci
  • The Discovery of T. Rex

  • I was curious to see how the boys would react. Would I have to assign the books as history reading? Would they think I was trying to sneak schoolwork onto them? (I was.) So when I hollered, "Boys, grab a book for the car ride!" I was thrilled to see them both grab from this stack. Ethan snatched up the gladiators book and Joel grabbed Julius Caesar.

    Prior to that drive, I still had reservations that I might be dumbing down history for them. No longer. As we travelled, Joel piped up about every 30 seconds with "What does 'p-a-t-r-i-c-i-a-n' mean?" "What's a plebian?" "How do you pronounce triumvirate?"

    Why, yes. I am a fan of graphic novels.

    Ethan has eaten these up. Joel has chewed more carefully. Both have loved these. And if grandparents are still at a loss on what to get them, Ethan requested anything from the Classics list and Joel jumped up and down with glee when he saw the Science list.

    The history set is offered at an incredible price of $16.95 right now for the holidays. That averages $1.50 per book, which is incredible because they usually sell for nearly $7.00 apiece and are well worth that.

    For more thoughts on these books, check out MamaBuzz.


    Andrea said...

    I'll have to check these out. Blake is very in to "comic books".

    Shanna said...

    Wow. That seems like a great price!

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