Tuesday, December 8

Sarah's Birthday

Yeah, I'm way behind in posting things. This is from October.

This would be Sarah Grace.

Gracie can't keep a ponytail in to save her life. Hair in your cake, anyone?

My gorgeous nephew celebrated with us! Honor was enthralled.

Isn't he adorable????

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Andrea said...

When I saw the title of your post, I thought, "Wait, didn't Sarah's birthday already happen? She's been telling me she's 4 for the past month or so." LOL

Just in case you don't know, she's adorable! I loved how she was excited to see me at HS group last Friday. And how she actually talked to me (since Mommy wasn't in the room). AND how she sat on my lap for a conversation or two! She's really warming up, I'd say. :)

Nezzy said...

Oh, I just want to eat them both up!

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